Was this bad Vancouver parking job actually an act of kindness? (PHOTOS)

Sep 2 2022, 6:54 pm

A bad parking job in Vancouver has some people scratching their heads, but was it just an act of kindness?

In a TikTok post, the user made the bad parking job the central focus of a video, which showed a car parked way too deep into a parking space at the Vancouver Aquarium.

While pictures make it look like the driver forgot to take their foot off the gas, was that the case?

One comment on the TikTok video questioned whether or not the parking job was a choice by the driver to be courteous to the cars around them.

Because of how the other drivers were parked in this lot, some have suggested that the driver in the middle parked their car extra deep to allow space for the other drivers to open their car doors.


As the pictures show, the other cars were angled into their spaces. Which begs the question, why didn’t the driver find a different spot?

vancouver parking job


The TikTok user suggested other spaces were open but theorized that maybe the driver of the red car wanted a spot in the shade, though they also pointed out that there were other available spots in the shade.


Drivers in Vancouver are used to seeing bad parking jobs in and around the city, but we don’t usually see them used for good.

What are your thoughts on this apparent Vancouver parking lot hero? Let us know in the comments.

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