The Park Pub: Vancouver spot offers massive glasses of "partinis"

Jan 17 2023, 8:29 pm

We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting food and beverage offerings in the city, with a very big one recently catching our eye.

The West End’s The Park Pub is a popular local watering hole for a pint and the game, but it also happens to offer one of the city’s biggest cocktails.

Dubbed the “Partini,” The Park Pub’s massive drink offering is available in two sizes: a 3-ounce drink or a 6-ounce drink, the latter of which must be shared with someone else.

The “Partini,” which gives us early pandemic Ina-Garten-with-a-giant-Cosmopolitan vibes, is even served in a martini-style glass, only much, much bigger.

Available in varieties like the Cosmopolitan (Ina style, of course), Blue Margarita, Espresso Martini, Super Split, and Mojito, the Partini is a guaranteed party in a glass.


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Grab the smaller (but still generous) one for yourself for $18, or get the party started with a friend or two with the 6-ounce behemoth, which goes for $33.

If you head there on Fridays though, the Partinis are on special, going for only $15 and $28 respectively.

The Park Pub doesn’t stop there with its elaborate cocktail offerings either: its menu also lists a Mimosa Tower as an option, 88 ounces of sparkling goodness to share with your friends for $43.

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