Welcome Matt: One year later, many ex-TSN 1040 hosts now having the time of their lives

Feb 10 2022, 12:53 am

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“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end was right…”

You may know that lyric from the modern-day poet Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

That song, “Good Riddance,” has a context of its own here in Vancouver and across British Columbia dating back one year ago today when Bell Media changed formats on the CKST 1040 AM frequency.

Now, I said on our show Monday that I didn’t plan to mark February 9th as an anniversary.

There’s nothing to celebrate about a community institution being shut down for the bottom line of a telecom company that announced tidy profits shortly thereafter, and were later found to have taken federal government pandemic money.

So I’m done looking back, and I guess that’s how I conceived any show or show feature about this date.

But my co-host Blake Price made a good point as we were sitting around here discussing today’s show.

It’s about looking forward. It’s about what’s sprung from that dark day.

We’ve kept our partnership together. Provided opportunity for Jeff Paterson’s unparalleled voice on Canucks coverage. Integrated Jeff with Andrew Wadden, who is taking the next step in his career, hosting a daily show. We brought Curt Appleby back from Kamloops to hit switches and conduct things in the producer’s booth.

Our friends Don Taylor, Rick Dhaliwal, and Ryan Henderson now have a daily two-hour show at CHEK Television, and what a terrific model CHEK is. My hat is off to the owner/operator/employees over there on Vancouver Island.

Today, we talk to Bob “The Moj” Marjanovich at Super Bowl. In my BC sports media world, The Moj is at Super Bowl, handing out Cuban cigars, rubbing elbows with celebrities, and flying our country’s and our province’s flag at the biggest sporting event in our hemisphere.

Shantelle Chand and Rob Fai have started their own media projects, projects I’d encourage you to support. Two extremely talented people. I saw Chantelle hint at a new venture coming up too.

Now, not everyone remains in the media business. In some cases that makes me very sad. In others, it’s probably for the best.

Because, as we always said: great jobs, shitty business. There is more stability to be found in other industries.

The important part for you, the sports media consumer, is that your sports coverage is being taken back and directed by people here on the ground in Vancouver.

By the community, for the community. No more Toronto (with one notable exception).

And we sure hope expansion of that coverage continues as independent media outlets find their footing.

Not predictable, but in the end, right. Not sure about you, Blake, but I’m having the time of my life!


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