Lift your eyes: Metro Vancouver's oldest crane brightens up Granville Island (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

May 9 2022, 9:46 pm

The oldest crane in Metro Vancouver is soon going to move to a new location on Granville Island.

It’s not typically what you think about when envisioning modern art, but Granville Island is full of strange, sometimes industrially influenced art.

The crane that you’re likely familiar with if you’re a frequent visitor has been around for ages. It was originally situated next to Emily Carr University but will now be able to be seen from the Public Market.

The crane predates the shipyards and was built in the early 1900s. A Granville Island spokesperson told Daily Hive that the crane was used extensively for industrial work on the island.

Granville Island (Submitted)

“In the 1930s, what is now Granville Island supported 1,200 employees and 40 industries, a couple [that] still remain on the island.”

Granville Island (Submitted)

The “historic yellow crane” will soon be moved from its original crane pad by the floating homes to Johnson Street. It will be visible from the bustling Public Market.

“It was also recently seismically updated, refurbished and freshly painted in the original industrial yellow Pantone,” the spokesperson added.

“It took about four hours to set up the move this morning, but only about 40 minutes to travel from the top of the crane pad to the bottom, overhanging Johnson Street.”


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It was originally scheduled to be moved at 7 am on Monday morning, but the staff is now waiting for a special piece of equipment before the move can be completed.

Another example of industrial art on Granville Island is the Giants piece, which you’ve likely seen if you’ve ever visited the popular tourist destination. It features colour that was brought to life by art spray-paint on six concrete silos.

granville island

Giants was designed by two Brazilian artists who also happen to be twins. They go by the name OSGEMEOS. (designwallah/Flickr)

Barring any further delays in the moving process, you might soon have a view of Vancouver’s oldest crane from the Granville Island Public Market.

What’s next?

“Expect to see installations such as light sculptures, solo dance performers suspended from the newly refurbished crane in the future as we activate the east side of the ‘Island,'” said the spokesperson.

The big unveiling is likely just around the corner.

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