Naked dude found hiding out in a BC woman's trunk for days (VIDEO)

Feb 5 2022, 6:08 pm

It’s possible a Nanaimo woman had a naked man in the trunk of her car for days without knowing it.

Bethany Coker was understandably shocked when she got into her car around dinnertime and noticed someone had recently been inside.

Sensing something was wrong, she checked it out further, only to discover a totally nude man hiding in the trunk.

Coker posted her interaction with him on TikTok, attracting millions of views before the weekend. In her post, she estimates he had been there since Saturday.

“Why are you in my trunk and are you naked?” she asks him in the video. 

“Yeah, it’s a right of passage,” he responds.

@bethanycoker This guy has been in my trunk since SATURDAY fully naked. It’s currently Tuesday. Guess I found out where the mud came from… #whatthefuck #foryou #fyp #nakedman #subaru #icannot #wtf ♬ original sound – bethanycoker

At that point, she called the cops. RCMP are shown arriving on scene in Coker’s video.

Viewers can hear him asking police, “Can I put my pants back on?” To which they respond, “We’d really appreciate that.” 

Fair enough. 

The man was taken to the hospital for treatment, and Mounties aren’t recommending criminal charges against him at this time.

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