These are the most popular drive-thrus in Canada

Jan 13 2022, 4:40 pm

A new report by ranks the most popular drive-thrus for every country in the world, and Canada’s top choice may not be what you expect.

To determine the results, the comparison website analyzed different countries’ drive-thru-related search volumes and trends.


The report revealed that Starbucks happens to be Canada’s most popular drive-thru, followed by McDonald’s and KFC. On average, Canadians looked up “Starbucks drive-thru” 33,100 times per month!

“McDonald’s drive-thru” stood at 14,800 searches, while KFC garnered an average of 1,600 searches a month. also compiled a list of Canadian city’s individual favourite drive-thrus. Each city’s go-to was Starbucks, except Montreal, where McDonald’s and Starbucks are tied.

In Toronto, Starbucks was saught after 6,600 times a month on average, while Calgary searched it 2,400 times.

We know what you’re thinking: where’s Tim Hortons? It looks like the stereotype about Canadians and their Tims doesn’t stand true anymore.

Unless Tim Horton’s loyalists prefer walking…?

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