Food critic dares to slam Montreal bagels, Montrealers react accordingly

Sep 14 2018, 10:14 pm

Look, Montrealers know that our roads are bad, the traffic is awful, the Canadiens are doomed and the winters are fierce but one thing we do know is how to make top-notch bagels.

Former New York Times food critic Mimi Sheraton stirred up a ruckus on Twitter Thursday night after criticizing Montreal-style bagels, complaining that “it’s like chewing glass.”

It all started when a former Montrealer and current New York Times writer, Adam Gopnik, claimed that the best bagels are the wood-fired ones Montreal is famous for.

Sheraton chimed in, slammed our famous bagels and the reactions from Montrealers on Twitter are priceless.

Here’s the initial Tweet:

And here’s the jury’s reactions:

Let’s cut her some slack, folks. She’ll come around.

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