Calgary's Launchpad Golf menu has a $100 "Millionaire Status" hot dog

Mar 29 2022, 8:23 pm

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a hot dog?

Launchpad Golf, a super popular multi-level golf and entertainment venue, has a “Millionaire Status” hot dog and it costs exactly $100.

If there’s a hot dog in Calgary that’s more expensive, we have yet to discover it.

Everyone definitely deserves to try something like this in their life…but is it worth it?

Made with gourmet ingredients, this thing is loaded with decadent delicacies you almost never see on such a common food item.


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The Millionaire Status dog is made with butter poached lobster, acadian caviar, fresh truffles, creme fraiche, garlic aoili, truffle honey, chili oil, and chives.

The dog itself sits inside a butter-toasted lobster roll, and is garnished with, you guessed it, gold!

Launchpad Golf is a driving range where you can hit real golf balls with your clubs, and advanced TopTracer technology allows you to play some of the world’s best golf courses virtually.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the set-up and culture of Launchpad Golf is a welcoming and fun one. There are TVs on every stall, comfy seats, and tables to grab a bite or set your drink down while the group plays.

Grab your golf clubs, order a beer, and get yourself a hot dog worth more than your Driver.


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Launchpad Golf

Address: Mickelson National – 34122 East Harmony Trail, Rocky View County

Address: Heritage Pointe – 1 Heritage Pointe Drive, Calgary (coming soon)


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