NBA owner gifts daughter a military-grade tank for her 16th birthday

Feb 23 2022, 9:21 pm

Oh, to be 16 again — silly crushes, high school drama, and rolling up to the mall in the T-34 military-grade tank your dad got you for your birthday.

At least that’s in the cards for Michael Rubin’s daughter this year.

The co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers posted about the gift on Twitter.

“Happy 16th bday Kylie!! I knew how badly she wanted a car, so thought I’d get her one that would keep her safe! Enjoy your army tank,” he tweeted.

The teen can be seen happily lowering herself into the vehicle in an attached video.

“This is the car for you,” Rubin can be heard saying from behind the camera.

The T-34 tank was popular during the Second World War and is still used in conflicts around the world. 

While it’s highly unlikely there’s any ammunition in the tank, it’s safe to say her ride is intimidating enough that no one’s going to mess with her anytime soon.

“Practical,” one user replied in the Twitter thread.

So if you see a tank in the streets, don’t panic — at least not immediately. It might just be a 16-year-old with a fresh permit.

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