5 questions with "Everyday Normal Guy" and comedian Jon Lajoie

Feb 9 2022, 3:12 pm

In the Wild West days of YouTube, Montreal comedian Jon Lajoie’s brand of silly musical comedy broke through to the masses, leading him to go viral.

This was back when “going viral” actually meant something.

With smash hit musical sketches like WTF Collective and the Everyday Normal Guy trilogy, Lajoie and his signature dry delivery amassed hundreds of millions of views, paving the way for countless musical parody and satire comics to come.

After taking off on YouTube, the 41-year-old Montreal native moved to Los Angeles and earned himself a starring role on the hit sitcom The League. Never forgetting his musical roots, Lajoie has also been writing and recording indie folk music under the name Wolfie’s Just Fine.

Most recently, the bilingual funny man participated in the Canadian edition of Prime Video’s world-famous comedy competition, LOL: Last One Laughing Canada. The show, hosted by fellow Montrealer Jay Baruchel, features 10 of the country’s best comedians in a room with each other for six hours. Whoever laughs first is out, and the last one standing wins a large sum of cash for charity.

Among the contestants are Canadian comedy legends like Tom Green, Colin Mochrie, Dave Foley, and Caroline Rhea.

Daily Hive Montreal spoke to Lajoie about his YouTube days, his experience on LOL: Canada, and his connection to his hometown.

How has content creation changed on YouTube since you went viral?

I don’t even know that I’m the right person to answer that question, but I know that it was different.

TV and the internet hadn’t merged yet, so the internet was its own thing. Content creators were the centre of YouTube.

And there weren’t as many people online yet. There were no smartphones, which meant I had to shoot on this old camcorder and edit on this old computer that would crash every time I tried to edit something because it was so slow.

It was a little harder to put together stuff like that. It was a different era for sure.

So yeah, if I started making videos today, I don’t even know that anyone would give a shit.

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