WSJ writer roasted for feeling entitled to keep shoes on in people's homes

Feb 11 2022, 5:11 pm

A Wall Street Journal contributor is facing the music for writing about keeping her shoes on in other people’s homes, even if they don’t want her to do so.

In an op-ed titled, “Here’s Why I’ll Be Keeping My Shoes on in Your Shoeless Home,” self-described humour columnist Kris Freiswick wrote about why she’s entitled to keep her shoes on.

“Why are you assuming that your guests’ shoes are dirtier than your floors?” Freiswick attempts to reason in the post, unaware that a full-blown mass rebuttal was in order for her on Twitter.

The article put off a ton of readers, many of whom are BIPOC and believe that wearing “outside” shoes in the home is unhygienic and often disrespectful to the host. Some also pointed out that the language of the post itself bordered on racist.

People flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with Freiswick’s entitlement. And when I say “express their displeasure,” I mean “roast her a fingerling potato.”

This tweet best sums up what was in store for the writer.

[Cue resounding agreement from East Asians, South Asians, South East Asians — the whole lot]

Seriously, just get house slippers if you’re so inclined.

Just a gentle reminder. ❤️

The writer may have unknowingly helped establish interracial solidarity, so props for that, I guess.

And ultimately, the writer was banned from hundreds of households.

What would you do if someone insisted on keeping their shoes on in your home?

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