Vancouver weather this week may see showers disperse the smoky haze

Aug 8 2017, 4:08 pm

The unsettling haze that has engulfed the Lower Mainland may finally disperse this week, though it wont be breaking way for blue skies.

For more than a week the haze has turned the setting sun red, brought our air quality down lower than that of Hong Kong, and stifled the would-have-been-record-breaking temperatures that were expected late last week.

But hope is on the horizon—rain is in the forecast for Vancouver this Sunday, which may just do the trick for clearing our sky of its grey filter.

Light rain expected for Sunday, though there may be clear skies by Wednesday/

Light rain expected for Sunday, though there may be clear skies by Wednesday/

A release from Metro Vancouver says that the air quality advisory will remain in effect until the haze is gone, and that the fine particulate matter will persist until there is a change in the weather.

More sunshine (if you can call it that) is on the docket for the rest of the week leading up to Sunday’s salvation, with highs of 27° C for Wednesday and Thursday, and scattered clouds on Saturday.

The government of Canada weather forecast calls for clear skies on Thursday and Friday, however, so there may even be a few days of full-on sunshine before the rainy weekend.

This week's weather forecast/

This week’s weather forecast/

British Columbians are already praying, hoping, and dancing for some rain to come and quench the raging wildfires in the province’s interior, so once those cats and dogs start falling we doubt anyone will be heard complaining about “Raincouver.”

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