McDonald's Japan extends fry rationing due to Canadian potato issue

Jan 13 2022, 6:51 pm

It’s a really tough time for McDonald’s fry lovers in Japan right now, as the fast-food chain has revealed it will be extending its ration of the iconic, salty side.

Last month, McDonald’s Japan first announced it was experiencing a fry shortage, and there was a Canadian connection to the problem.

Due to supply chain issues and BC flood damage, many potato shipments hadn’t been able to get out of the port of Vancouver and had been significantly delayed.

Vancouver serves as a transit point for shipping services for McDonald’s Japan, so the potatoes from North America were unable to get to the country.

McDonald's Japan fry shortage


In light of the potato shortage, McDonald’s Japan decided to sell its fries in size small only, offering a 50 yen discount at 2,900 restaurant locations nationwide.

This ration was meant to last from December 24 to December 30, 2021, but it has now been extended.

McDonald’s Japan released a statement saying it will be “arranging new distribution channels” for future shipments. In the meantime, they will temporarily suspend sales of medium and large sizes of fries starting January 9, 2022, “for about one month.”

Only small fries will be available during this period, the company said.

Continued delays in imports, confusion due to the effects of snow, and “unforeseen circumstances such as cargo retention in Vancouver” were all cited as reasons for this move.

The brand apologized to customers for this extended item suspension and said they are working to ensure regular sales resume as soon as possible.

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