"Beware of this maniac": Man throws watering can at person driving through Kitsilano

Apr 25 2022, 7:20 pm

An ordinary day turned into a nightmare for one Vancouver dad after being attacked while driving through a residential neighbourhood in Kitsilano.

This past weekend, someone who has identified himself as James Hannson was driving near Trafalgar and Larch streets, an area he rarely drives through.

“As I’m driving down the road, a random guy suddenly appears,” says Hannson.

“He came out from his front yard and threw a metal watering can at my car.”

Hannson tells Daily Hive that the man did it because he thought Hannson was going 50 km/h in a 30 km/h area, but he says his dashcam suggests he was driving around the limit.

Hannson notes that if he had his window rolled down, the object would have hit his kid instead of his car. He states that the man began to approach his car and was “acting really aggressive and violent.” According to Han, the man also appeared to have a little kid by his side who may have been two to four years old.

“I’ve lived in kits for decades and never imagined crime like this would just happen during broad daylight.”

Hannson said he was in touch with VPD, who told him that they’d spoken to the man.

“I did hear back after the police chatted with the guy on Sunday morning. There wouldn’t be any further police actions.”

Daily Hive has reached out to VPD for more information.

Hannson posted about the incident on the website Next Door, and one person responded to the post, saying, “regardless of whether you were going 30 or 50 or even faster, he has no authority to take the law into his own hands.” Another user suggested he take part in this week’s special council meeting.

Looking through the Canadian Criminal Code and stories of similar incidents, ,a case like this would generally end up with a mischief charge, that can sometimes carry a fine of $5,000 or more.

Hannson has filed a claim through ICBC and has stated online that “it’s not over” for him and that he will “seek further action.”

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