The top 5 La Poutine Week dishes from across Canada were all from Quebec

Feb 22 2022, 9:59 pm

What did you expect?

The tenth edition of La Poutine Week kicked off at the beginning of the month and summed up its greasy two-week Canada-wide run on February 14.

Over the weekend, La Poutine Week — the largest poutine festival in the world — announced the top five dishes in the country, all of which were from Quebec, the birthplace of the iconic dish.

La Poutine Week has over 700 Canadian restaurants offering up their respective twists on the poutine plate, and more than 50,000 poutines are sold during the festival’s two weeks.

The festival ranks the top poutines in Canada and has subsequent sections for “Montreal Faves,” “Vancouver Faves,” “Toronto Faves,” “Edmonton Faves,” and so on.


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Five Quebec spots took home the best of the country though, so you might want to let the bragging rights begin.

But let’s be honest, was there ever really a doubt?

Here’s which spots dished out Canada’s favourite pouters, according to La Poutine Week.

5. “Poutine Sate Drip” – La Belle Tonki, Montreal


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The fifth best poutine in Canada this year is courtesy of Montreal’s La Belle Tonki. For $16, it features a drip sauce, lime zest, pineapple chutney, basil, chili pepper chips, popcorn chicken, and of course, fries, cheese, and gravy.

4. “Buldogi BLVD” – BLVD Bar, Montreal


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BLVD Bar plated its dish with cheese curds, Korean beef, sriracha mayo, fried pickled green onion, BBQ glaze, and sesame seeds, good for fourth place in 2022 for a smooth $16.

3. “La Renversante” – La GaspĂ©sienne 51, Quebec

The bronze medal poutine goes to “La Renversante” from Quebec. The decadent dish has shrimp, mashed potato garnish, green onions, and snow crab.

2. “La Poutine Urbaine” – Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine, Montreal

Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine fashioned its poutine with a double portion of squeaky cheese (always a good start), a cajun spice brown sauce, smashed burger sausages, grilled bacon, caramelized onions, and buffalo sauce.

For $20 a dish, it’s ranked as the second-best poutine in Canada (and Quebec).

1. “Bolduc PBJ” – Maamm Bolduc, Montreal


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The best poutine in Canada in 2022 will set you back $16.50 and feature fries, cheese curds, gravy, deep-fried Mac ‘n Cheese bites, bacon jelly, and peanut butter sauce as a garnish.

Any takers?

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