An ode to the very best poutine in all of Montreal

Feb 18 2022, 6:02 pm

It’s always a debate, right? Where can you get the best poutine in all of Montreal?

Because the poutine debate is such a subjective and ageless question, it’s usually answered with, “I can’t choose just one!”

But I can.

Sure, Montreal has an impressive list of places that dish out seriously tasty poutine. Places like La Banquise, Chez Tousignant, and Orange Julep are frequently mentioned (deservedly without much debate) but there is one spot that stands out above the rest.

The best poutine in Montreal is at Chalet Bar-B-Q.

And before I justify my case, take note that I’m not talking about the best poutine in Quebec. Every true poutine aficionado knows that all the best poutine joints in the province are outside of Montreal.

But when it comes to the best poutines on the island, I don’t think you can top Chalet Bar-B-Q (or simply, Chalet).


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Chalet fans had been asking the popular rotisserie spot to add poutine to the menu for decades. The poutine originally popped up on the NDG spots menu in 2018 for a “limited time” but was permanently added after its instant success.

In a phone call with Chalet, a long-serving waitress at the iconic restaurant confirmed the poutine “isn’t going anywhere.”

Chalet has been open since 1944. The spot is known for its legendary slow-roasted charcoal-broiled chicken. It’s a no-frills sort of spot — chicken, fries, coleslaw, and their delicious gravy.

But the poutine is outstanding.

Chalet Bar-B-Q has the poutine trifecta perfected. Their double-blanched fries are soft, sweet, and covered in the chicken joint’s gravy. Already famous as a pairing with chicken, the gravy has a bit of a kick, is flavourful, and thick. Mix that on top of the fries and add some squeaky cheese curds… What more could you want, poutine lovers?


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There’s also something nostalgic about getting served poutine on a diner plate atop a paper placemat that has the menu printed on it.

It’s the same feeling when you used to scarf back a poutine as a kid at a greasy spoon.

Yes, the Chalet Bar-B-Q poutine is so good that it transcends time.


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The Chalet poutine is available in-house, for delivery, and on UberEats for $10.25 every day from 11 am to 10 pm. While you’re at it, toss on an order of chicken and coleslaw for dinner and you might just be in heaven.

Greasy, cheesy heaven.


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