"Worst show ever": Vancouver fans upset about Kevin Hart performance

Sep 18 2023, 5:36 pm

Kevin Hart was in Vancouver this past weekend, and if the comments on the Instagram event page are any indication, the show seemed somewhat disappointing, leaving many fans upset.

Daily Hive received an email from one of the fans in attendance, who said they waited for hours only to see a 20-minute show. Some comments suggested even shorter, with some complaining that the show was only 15 minutes long.

“Worst show ever,” was one of the comments on Instagram.

“For some seats in general admission, the stage was almost unviewable, and audio couldn’t be heard,” said the disgruntled fan in an email. They also complained about how much beer cost at the show, saying one beer cost $11.50 and that the lines were longer than some of the performances.

“We had to wait from 6 pm until 10:30 pm just to see a 20-minute show,” said another Instagram comment.

Another user suggested that Russell Peters’ show on Friday was good, but “last night was a complete sh*t show in comparison.”

“Anyone else left feeling bamboozled?” they asked other commenters.

They added, “@kevinhart4real was there to collect his cheque, then bounced.”

Time seemed to be the same complaint, with other comments alleging Hart was on for less time than the opening acts. Others had lots to say about the sound quality.

Sound quality was so sh**ty that we couldn’t hear anything. Shame on that sound engineer.

Another upset Vancouver showgoer said, “The Kevin Hart show was a complete disappointment!”

If there’s one positive takeaway for Hart from the reaction, he has seemed to leave fans wanting more.

We’ve contacted festival organizers for a response to the fan reaction.

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