16 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without leaving your home

Feb 14 2022, 6:52 pm

Avoid the winter weather and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year. Need inspiration? We have compiled 16 fun, quirky, and romantic ideas. Try one, or try a few.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed


Lounge around all morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast and coffee while staying cozy under a duvet. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, find a restaurant in your area that does brunch delivery or has convenient breakfast-to-go kits.


Massage at home


Crack open a bottle of massage oil and give your partner a slow, sensual massage. Unsure about technique? Watch a few how-to videos on YouTube first.

Online Cooking Class

Online cooking class

Thirawatana Phaisalratana/Shutterstock

Take a virtual cooking class together. Whether you’re culinary beginners, experts, or somewhere in between, there are always new techniques to master, and learning is more fun as a team.

Bubble Bath

Bubble bath


Indulge in a steamy bubble bath for two, complete with candles, soft music, and chocolates. Don’t forget the champagne.



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Make some sweet and delicious s’mores in a backyard fire pit — or, failing that, on a barbecue, or even on a kitchen stove.

VR Game

VR game


Find a virtual reality game that you both enjoy playing, then celebrate Valentine’s Day by discovering what it’s like to conquer virtual worlds together.

Movie Night

Movie night at home

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Cuddle on the couch with a huge bowl of buttery popcorn while watching romantic classics such as Sleepless in Seattle, Moonstruck, and The Princess Bride.

Order a Meal

Takeout meal at home


Order takeout from your preferred delivery service (we each have a favourite one now, thanks to the pandemic), and serve the meal on your best dishes. Make sure to get dressed up, play some romantic music, and turn off your cellphones.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards

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Find out what the future holds by booking an online tarot card reading for the two of you. Ask friends to recommend a good psychic. Or, purchase tarot cards and a how-to book and test out your own psychic abilities on each other.

Virtual Performance

Virtual performance


Buy tickets for a virtual concert, play, or comedy performance. Bonus: You get to feel good about supporting the arts, which have been hit hard throughout the pandemic.


Cooking together


Cook dinner together. It doesn’t need to be worthy of Martha Stewart or Emeril Lagasse as long as you enjoy yourselves in the kitchen. If you could use a few shortcuts (and some clear step-by-step instructions), order a meal kit from HelloFresh, Chefs Plate, or GoodFood.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Wine and cheese tasting at home

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Purchase an assortment of wines and fine cheeses, then celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing your own tasting at home. See who can come up with the most ridiculous-sounding descriptions for the flavours: “Pencil shavings with just a hint of tobacco and gasoline.”

Treasure Hunt

Antique-looking locked box


Plan a treasure hunt with handwritten clues leading your sweetie all throughout your home, culminating in the key to an old-fashioned treasure chest with a Valentine’s Day gift locked inside.

Romantic Evening

Romantic evening at home

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Send the kids to a babysitter, light a fire in the fireplace (or watch a fireplace video on YouTube), crack open a bottle of wine, and enjoy a romantic evening at home.


Baking together


Bake something sweet and decadent — preferably while wearing adorable matching aprons. If baking isn’t your jam, then find out which bakeries in your area deliver.

Adults-Only Game

Game for adults only


Indulge in a delightfully naughty game for adults only, such as Dirty Dice. Let the Valentine’s Day fun begin!

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