Hotels sold out across BC as locals hunt for air conditioning

Jun 28 2021, 5:16 pm

British Columbians hoping to find a way through this wicked heat are turning to hotels for salvation.

Listings at both and show a large number of hotels either sold out or near full capacity.

Monday marks the hottest day of the year thus far, and with air conditioning units being sold out at most electronic outlets, it seems that British Columbians are turning to hotels as the answer to their heat woes.

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With schools closed across the province, many families are trapped at home. A hotel stay may be the best way to escape the cruel conditions for anyone who doesn’t have an AC unit.


Vancouver hotel listings/

The grey dashes on the map represent the hotels that are currently sold out. Meanwhile, the places that still have space include hostels and establishments that don’t actually have air conditioning. The rest have very few vacancies left.

In different parts of the province, it’s the same story.

When moving to Burnaby on Expedia’s map, all hotels that have air conditioning are currently sold out as well.


The story is the same when looking at both Richmond and the Fraser Valley.

The current forecast calls for some minor relief from the extreme heat on Tuesday.

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