Three people rescued after being injured on hikes in BC on Sunday (VIDEO)

Sep 19 2022, 5:14 pm

BC’s North Shore Rescue (NSR) had its hands full on Sunday as the Mountain Search and Rescue team rescued three individuals in three incidents.

The three rescues occurred near Crown Mountain, the Howe Sounds Crest Trail, and Grouse Mountain.

The first incident took place in the early evening near Crown Mountain. NSR was called out in response to a hiker who injured their leg near the mountain.

Talon helicopters were deployed along with NSR’s hoist team, which extracted the hiker. Unfortunately, as this was happening, NSR had to respond to a different incident.

bc hiker rescued

North Shore Rescue

“Lions Bay SAR called NSR and requested assistance with hoisting out a hiker with an ankle injury on the Howe Sounds Crest Trail,” said NSR in a Facebook post.

“Talon and the hoist team responded and extracted that hiker.”

And while that call was happening, DNV Fire Rescue also requested assistance with the extraction of another injured hiker, this time on the south side of Grouse Mountain.

“After completing the HSCT trail rescue, NSR and Talon responded to Grouse and hoisted that hiker out. DNV Fire was already on the scene. Crews have just returned to our Cleveland Dam LZ and are cleaning up and repacking gear,” said NSR on Sunday night.

Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like anyone rescued was seriously injured.

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