More temperature records smashed in BC as heatwave continues

Jul 29 2022, 9:26 pm

As the heatwave scorches Metro Vancouver and much of the province, Environment Canada validates our agony in a report that shows several temperature records have indeed been broken.

Environment Canada’s weather summaries for July 28 suggest that the temperature from 13 areas across BC broke records, some of which have held ground for more than 80 years.

In Kelowna, the previous record for warm temperatures was 37.2˚C set in 1934. Yesterday, Kelowna reached a new record of 38.7˚C.

In Penticton, a record of 37.8˚C from 88 years ago in 1934 was broken yesterday when temperatures rose by 0.1˚C to 37.9˚C.

Princeton reached a new record of 38˚C — a little higher than it was in 1994. 

Osoyoos, in the Okanagan Valley region near the Canada-US border, tied a record set in 1996 at 41.2˚C, the hottest on this list.

Vernon, from the Okanagan region, set a new record after 88 years at 37.6˚C.

Lytton, in southern BC, peaked at 41.1˚C breaking the 2009 record at 40.6˚C.

Over on the island, Port Hardy enjoyed mild weather but still broke last year’s record of 23.9˚C reaching 24.1˚C yesterday.

Near the North Thomson River valley, the Clearwater area set a new record after 24 years when temperatures reached 39.2˚C yesterday. Further north, Blue River set a new record at 37˚C, a whole degree higher than it was in 1998. Clinton, northwest of Cache Creek saw temperatures at 34.5˚C beating out the previous record of 33˚C in 2009. 

The Puntzi Mountain Area set a record of 34.2˚C, not much higher than its previous record of 33.8˚C in 2009. Similarly, the Mackenzie area held a record of 33.4˚C, a slight jump from 2009 at 32.9˚C. 

One of the more interesting records was broken in Dawson Creek which had a record of 30˚C dating back to 1937. Yesterday the temperature reached a new high at 32.5˚C. 

Further west, the Sparwood area broke the record set in 2003 at 32.8˚C when temperatures reached 33.1˚C.

For the full list, click here.

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