Canadian shook after comparing price of basic grocery item in 2022 to 2023

Sep 14 2023, 3:23 pm

Canadians are well aware of the soaring grocery prices.

Government data reminds us monthly just how much more food costs, and thereā€™s no shortage of shoppers expressing their frustrations towards grocery chains forĀ outrageous prices.

But one TikToker put things into perspective by (literally) bringing the receipts.

Sammy K, who goes by @notanofficialnewssource on the social media app, compared the price of a basic grocery item she bought in 2022 to 2023, and she says the difference is insane.

She shows a screenshot of yogurt she ordered from Save-On-Foods in February 2022.

“As you can see, the cost of this 1.75 kg tub of yogurt was $9.99,” she said. “If I was to purchase that exact same yogurt in August 2023, it is now $5 more expensive.”

Sammy shows a screenshot of the same brand of yogurt on the Save-On-Foods site this year.

@notanofficalnewssource let’s talk about the prices of groceries in Canada… Olympic Krema yogurt has increased by 50% in 1 year šŸ«£šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ #greenscreen #canada #fyp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #followthemoney #genznews #costofliving #crisis ā™¬ How`s Your Day – aAp Vision

She found a Global News report that said Save-On-Foods is the second most expensive store to buy groceries and that Superstore is the least.

So, she compared the price of the same yogurt brand there.

“In August 2023, you can see that President’s Choice Superstore is selling the exact same cup of yogurt for $14.29. So, it’s a little bit cheaper than Save-On-Foods, but not by much, especially when you consider just over a year ago, this yogurt was $5 less,” said Sammy.

People flooded the comments expressing their agreement and frustrations.

“I see it when my groceries have gone from $200/mth to $400/mth,” commented one person.

“My household is three people and we buy literally the bare necessities to survive and our grocery orders are $390, itā€™s insane,” added another.

And this foodflation could get even worse decades from now.

One report predicted what grocery prices could look like in 2054 based on average inflation, and the results are depressing.

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