Flying ants have returned to Vancouver and residents are freaking out

Jul 4 2019, 2:20 am

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While they may be a sign of the season, they are a hugely unwelcome sign nonetheless.

This week, residents throughout Metro Vancouver have been dealing with visits from one of Mother Nature’s weirdest pests: flying ants.

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And on Tuesday, the situation was particularly creepy.

Flying ants were reported in various locations throughout Metro Vancouver and residents expressed their experience/observation/terror of the situation on Twitter.

According to those in the know, Vancouver’s unofficial, official ant day in the city is the height of the ant mating season.

Danielle Hoefele, a Masters of Pest Management student at SFU, also took to Twitter to confirm that Flying Ant Day has officially arrived.

She added that one also flew into her mouth — how delightful.

Luckily these flying pests aren’t dangerous, but be sure to keep on high alert or stay indoors altogether until flying ant day/season is over.

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