These are the five best swimming pools to dive into in BC (PHOTOS)

Jul 5 2022, 8:35 pm

If you’re looking for some refreshing and private swimming destinations to escape to in BC, you’re in luck, as Airbnb has put out a list of its five best pools in the province.

Airbnb hosts a number of different listings that have their own backyard pools, and while the weather isn’t necessarily ideal for swimming right now, things are surely going to heat up.

These are the five best swimming pools you can rent through Airbnb in BC.

Snug Cove infinity pool

On the water, in the woods.

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This Bowen Island pool is connected to a red cedar log cabin that can house eight guests. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and eight beds.

The cabin is also recently built, and is closely located to the main town in the area called “Snug Cove.”

Oh, there’s also a hot tub.

Whistler hillside chalet


This luxury Whistler pad has everything you could ever ask for from an Airbnb.

It has six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms, and can house 12 guests. The actual home is upscale and sleek, while the swimming pool puts you right in the middle of the great outdoors.

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If you get a little chilly, the pool is just steps away from a hot tub.

Chill West Vancouver pad


While it may seem slightly less extravagant than the Whistler and Bowen Island offerings, this West Vancouver pool is easier to get to, and still has everything you’d want for a pool party, including a hot tub.

It’s a slightly smaller space too, so it would be a better fit for a more intimate get-together.

This Airbnb has two bedrooms and four bathrooms and includes a full guest suite for your stay.

Peachland pool paradise

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Located right on Okanagan Lake, this three-bedroom home in Peachland features a saltwater pool with a stunning view of beautiful BC.

The Airbnb can house eight guests with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The listing states that it’s great for remote work.

Can you imagine sitting by that pool and working?

Heated private pool in Kamloops


This Kamloops pool is seemingly geared towards family fun, with a basketball hoop ready to go for some water polo.

The Airbnb can house 12 guests, with five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The surrounding area is beautiful and would be a great way to kick back and escape the noise of the city.

You’d also get a fire pit and your very own karaoke machine to play with.

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