Merritt evacuation order to remain for "likely more than a week” (PHOTOS)

Nov 16 2021, 11:40 pm

After devastating flooding, the City of Merritt now say it anticipates the current Evacuation Order will remain in place for likely more than a week.

In a statement, the City says, “Although the flood waters have rescinded, there is still significant danger and damage that is being caused by the flooding.”

Items that the City of Merritt is working extremely diligently on:

  • The security of our municipality
  • Supporting rescue efforts of residents
  • Identification and planning of infrastructure (turning on water and wastewater at the earliest opportunity)
  • Infrastructure damage review

The order was issued just after 10 am on Monday.

Merrit’s wastewater treatment plant also failed, causing flushed toilets or running faucets to back up into people’s homes, causing personal health risks, the City adds.

“Merritt is and will remain strong,” Mayor Linda Brown says. “At this time, we need everyone to proceed in a calm and orderly manner to safe locations in nearby cities.”

Merritt flooding

Merritt Flooding/Kristy Poirier

Carly Isaac/Submitted

Carly Isaac/Submitted

merritt flooding

Carly Isaac/Submitted

Residents that have friends or family outside of the community are asked to make plans to stay with them and evacuate to that location. Those who do not have a place to stay and or who live in an odd-numbered house are asked to go to Kamloops. Anyone with an even-numbered house should go to Kelowna.

Anyone who has been forced to leave their homes are being asked to register or contact 1-800-585-9559 for more information.

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