Divers pulled 1,362 lbs of trash out of Lonsdale Quay (VIDEO)

Sep 19 2021, 8:10 pm

If you needed a reminder to help you keep our oceans clean and free from trash, then you have to check out this literal garbage dump that one group of divers collected.

Videos posted on Saturday, September 18 on the Cleaner Lakes TikTok account by Henry Wang show an enormous amount of trash they fished out of the waters in North Vancouver.

Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans is a volunteer-run non-profit that meets to clean trash out of the waters around Metro Vancouver.

The group was doing a cleanup dive sponsored by Return-It. All the debris was pulled up and laid out in front of the Polygon Gallery right at the Shipyards – and it’s a lot.

Wang told Daily Hive by email that he was in his happy place because they got great results from their clean up and he loves to leave the environment a little cleaner.

“It’s definitely in the top three of most trash removed,” he said.

The first video shows Wang about to do his dive. “Check out the whole dive team I’ve got with me – lot of people,” said Wang in the video.

After the dive, he shows his haul.”I can comfortably say that we got probably over 1,000 pounds of trash today,” he said, and after he did the math it was over 1,300 lbs of trash pulled out of the ocean.

@cleanerlakesOver 1300 lbs of trash taken out of the ocean today. 😎 ##trash ##trashtok ##scuba♬ original sound – Henry Wang

In all, the team says they collected 34 chairs, three shopping carts, and ten tires, and a crab trap.

“There was one more crab trap down there we couldn’t actually physically pull out from the silt,” said Wang.

@cleanerlakesThis is a better shot. 1,362 lbs. (618kg). Taken out of Lonsdale Quay ##trash ##trashtok ##scuba♬ original sound – Henry Wang

If you love the satisfaction of seeing all the garbage they pulled out of the water, then give them a follow on TikTok for more.

Their next clean up will be a three-day long clean up at Cultus Lake for BC Parks from September 27 to 29.

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