Denny's launches first-ever Test Kitchen concept in Vancouver

Apr 19 2023, 5:52 pm

It’s another first for a popular diner chain in Canada; Denny’s revealed that it has launched a Test Kitchen.

The initiative aims to “revolutionize” the way the restaurant creates its menu, and it’s already underway at the brand’s existing 1759 W Broadway location in Vancouver.

This innovation from the company, which operates 70 locations across Canada, is asking for community participation to “help influence and inform its renowned all-day menu.”

Denny’s will be giving folks the opportunity to try new, never-before-tasted dishes such as the Twisted Club served with a new coleslaw and Denny’s classic wavy-cut fries, the All-Canadian Diner Breakfast, Fettuccine Marinara with Chipotle Prawns, and updated versions of classic burgers too.

We’re told that Test Kitchen will rotate menu items throughout the year. Flavours and recipes will be altered based on guest feedback.


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“We couldn’t just change our menu without input from our guests, especially when we have so many classic favourites like The Grand Slam and Moons Over My Hammy,” says Deborah Gagnon, Denny’s Canada’s president and COO.

“There’s no better way to shape the future of our menu than by inviting our community to give their unfiltered opinions on which dishes live up to the test.”

While Vancouver is making history by having the first Denny’s Test Kitchen location, the company says it is planning to bring the concept to other markets in the country in the coming year.

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