Opinion: Is Vancouver one of worst cities for finding love?

Mar 19 2019, 11:09 pm

Dating in Vancouver: Is it truly different to dating in any other city?

Have you found yourself struggling to find your soulmate in this beautiful, yet rainy city, even though it was recently voted one of the top 10 most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)? 

Yes, we’ve heard it many times, and if you live in the Lower Mainland, you’ve heard it too. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND SOMEONE TO DATE IN VANCOUVER! 

Vancouver is full of amazing date venues. Let’s see, how about the Vancouver Aquarium, or Playland (we love The Coaster!), Granville Island, a walk along the seawall at Stanley Park (or go for our choice, a tandem bike ride). For you athletic folk, how about a hike up the Grouse Grind? Though we couldn’t speak full sentences and potentially would need CPR, it’s a great idea for those that crave a leg burn and don’t mind getting sweaty in front of someone they want to impress.

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Hungry? Vancouver has some incredible places to check out if you’re on a date. Miku, located on Granville Street, is a must if you and your date are craving Japanese food. If you’re on a romantic walk around the city, they suggest visiting Chambar, down on Beatty Street. Want brunch? Café Medina, located on Richards Street, is one of the most popular venues to hit up…but be prepared to wait! Want something sweet, besides the person you’re with? Hit up Lee’s Donuts on Granville Island. If you want to combine sweet treats and laughs, follow up your donut blitz with some improv at Vancouver Theatresports League.  

Oh wait, we forgot. The one thing you need to fulfill these awesome date ideas is a hot piece to take with you! Although we’re all about independence, a date is a date, and trust us, we’ve had some epically bad dates in this city (in fact, we wrote a book on it! This is a total plug, by the way).  

Here are a few of the most common things we hear in regards to dating in Vancouver:  

  • There are more women than men. The word on the street is that there’s a ratio of three men to every woman, though this hasn’t been proven. If true, and you’re female, you’re most likely going to date someone your friend or coworker has dated (yes, this has happened to us). 
  • Vancouver men are players. Again, this is the word on the street, but trust us, we’ve met a few.
  • “The guys we meet on dating apps are only looking to hook up and then they “ghost us.” Yeah, we hear you sista! Been there, done that, wrote a book on it (plug). In fact, maybe we should name all of those men Casper. Get it? Casper? Ghost? Although he was a friendly ghost, and he was like 12 or 13, so that’s weird. Forget that idea.  
  • Some of the women we’ve spoken to think that Vancouver men are in search of the all to unrealistic “sugar baby.” Let’s face it, we don’t all look like that, nor can we maintain it! Have you seen the cost of filler???!!! That being said, we’re all about looking good and being confident in yourself, so you do you! 

So is it true? Is Vancouver one of worst cities for finding love?

Considering that one of us is single and the other is dating an American, you would think the answer would be yes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! We’re all lucky to live here; but to find a date here? Now that’s a whole other ballgame.

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