How to comfort your pets through the convoy honking

Feb 5 2022, 10:58 pm

Animals have no idea what’s going on in the world, so the tremendous amount of honking during protests could have them scared and confused. 

“Frightened animals are more likely to run away from home,” says the BC SPCA.

“When a pet is stressed, they may show out-of-character behaviour, sometimes biting or scratching people.”

A cacophony of horns can be heard across Canadian cities like Ottawa and Vancouver on Saturday, February 5 as “Freedom Convoy” participants continue on their routes.

In Vancouver, some routes have been disrupted by counter-protestors, although there was a large pro-freedom convoy presence at Granville and Burrard Saturday afternoon.

The noise will continue to move throughout the day, so it’s smart to prepare to soothe your pet ahead of time. Bonus: It will probably help you relax too.

White noise

It won’t drown out the extremely annoying honks, but it will give your pets something more pleasant and constant to fixate on. Consider something low and steady, like the sound of wind, a crackling fire, a waterfall, or a forest. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make.


What are pets for? Take your fur baby into your arms and give them lots of love and attention. Speak to them softly and sweetly, and stroke them the way they like until they calm down. Your pet goes to you for protection, so reassure them that everything’s okay and they’re likely to settle.

Stay inside

Some animals bolt when scared, so it’s important to keep them inside where they can’t get lost or hurt. Especially during times when there are tremendous amounts of traffic, you’ll want to keep them close and off the roads. They’ll be farther from the sound, less likely to get into trouble, and more likely to calm down with you beside them.


Sensory deprivation can help make other, more overpowering experiences more tolerable. For instance, if the honking is getting to you, turn off the lights. Enjoy having one less thing to pay attention to, and make sure you have your white noise on at the same time. It’s a great state for meditating, getting in touch with your body, and helping your pet do the same.

Distraction toys

It’s time to break out their favourite toys. If there’s ever a time to make your pets happy with treats and fun toys, this is it. It will give them something to relieve their tension, either by chewing on it or tugging on it, which will help calm them down. Comfort items are also useful here: If your pet has a favourite thing, make sure they have it today.

The BSCPA also suggests making sure your pet’s ID is updated with the registry in case they do go missing.

“Pets should have a collar with tags, ear tattoo and a microchip registered with the BC Pet Registry. Check to make sure your address and phone number attached to the pet’s microchip in the registry is up to date,” they say.

“Give a missing pet the best chance of returning home by making sure they have ID and that the contact information is correct.”

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