This year's extraordinary Chilliwack Corn Maze is officially open

Aug 15 2022, 6:58 pm

Chilliwack Corn Maze, a popular destination for families and adventurers, is now officially open — following the unveiling of the design of the 2022 maze.

Greendale Acre’s maze was made in partnership with Science World and features a truly fearsome design: a gigantic T-Rex alongside a colossal chicken.

The 12-acre creation coincides with the feature exhibition under the dome: T. rex: The Ultimate Predator.

Chilliwack Corn Maze

Chilliwack Corn Maze by Greendale Acres Farm and Science World/Facebook

According to Greendale Acre’s website, the “playful design of this year’s maze makes the connection between the prehistoric dinosaur and the chicken – who share characteristics in their bone structure, making chickens living members of the dinosaur group, Theropoda.”


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Chilliwack Corn Maze is an interactive experience where visitors must complete 12 T.rex-themed questions curated by Science World in order to escape. Maze-goers can tackle the family-friendly short maze, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes, or opt for the more challenging maze which takes 30-40 minutes to finish.

Chilliwack Corn Maze

Greendale Acres Farm/Facebook

Opening day is set for Saturday, August 13 at 10 am. There will be live music in the evening starting at 6 pm with headliners Tanner Olsen Band taking the stage at 8 pm.

The maze and attractions will close at 7 pm on opening day for the concert and special event tickets are required after 5 pm for guests wanting to attend the opening festivities.

Chilliwack Corn Maze

When: August 13 to October 31, 2022
Time: Various times. Check opening hours online
Where: Greendale Acres – 41905 Yale Road West, Chilliwack
Tickets: $16 pre-booked online or $18 on-site, ages 2 and under and over 75 years are free.

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