New trip calculator shows Canadians if it's cheaper to drive or fly

Jun 28 2022, 7:14 pm

To drive, or not to drive. That is the question. Especially when gas prices are astronomically high and we’re desperate for a getaway.

For people in Canada taking a last-minute summer trip, Kayak has a new trip calculator that will estimate if it’s cheaper for you to drive or fly.

With Canadians facing record-breaking inflationĀ and soaring gas prices, knowing which mode of transportation will save you money is a game-changer.

In Canada, it’s been a nightmare to get a passport, make it through a security line at the airport, or even retrieve your bag.

But with the price of gas so extraordinarily high, especially in BC where it’s well over $2 per litre, maybe it’s better for you to brave the airports to save money.

For a roundtrip voyage from Vancouver to Calgary in August, the calculator says it’s actually cheaper to fly than drive. They estimate that the per-person cost to fly is $179, but to drive, it could cost you $477 just in gas.

The calculator is a great tool to start, but you should also do your own travel deal research. And keep an eye out for cheap flight deals.

For example, in June you could get roundtrip flights from Vancouver to Kelowna for $75.

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