Bon AI-ppétit: We asked ChatGPT bots to recommend Vancouver restaurants

Jan 10 2023, 10:43 pm

If you’ve been paying attention, you know just how revolutionary and downright scary the launch of ChatGPT has been.

Since its November release, the artificial intelligence software, based around a highly intelligent conversational bot’s responses to user questions, has been writing extensive essays, code, poetry, and just about everything in between.

But what about something as personal as restaurant recommendations? We decided to put the bots to the test by asking them “can you recommend the best restaurants in Vancouver, BC, Canada?”

Here’s the response from the AI platform taking the world by storm. The following is a direct transcript from ChatGPT:

It can be difficult to determine the “best” restaurants, as personal preferences for food and atmosphere vary widely. That being said, here are a few highly regarded restaurants in Vancouver that are worth considering.



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This Indian restaurant is known for its creative, high-quality dishes and has received numerous accolades over the years.


This sushi restaurant is run by Chef Hidekazu Tojo, who is considered one of the pioneers of sushi in Canada. Tojo’s is known for its fresh, carefully crafted sushi and has a loyal following.

The Fish Counter

This seafood restaurant sources its ingredients from local, sustainable fisheries and serves a variety of dishes including fish and chips, oysters, and seafood chowder. It has received praise for its commitment to sustainability and for the quality of its food.

Kissa Tanto


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This Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant has received critical acclaim for its unique and delicious dishes, as well as for its chic, intimate atmosphere.

St. Lawrence

This cozy, French-inspired restaurant serves classic dishes like escargot and coq au vin, as well as a selection of oysters and other seafood. It has been praised for its friendly service and excellent food.
These are just a few of the many excellent restaurants in Vancouver and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a place that suits your tastes.
With files from Al Sciola
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