Canucks home and away jersey changes 'expected' next season: report

Apr 5 2019, 9:09 pm

*Update: It looks like the new jersey has leaked.

Changes are coming in the world of Canucks fashion.

As we found out last summer, the Vancouver Canucks will introduce two new jerseys to their rotation for the club’s 50th anniversary season in 2019-20 – including the popular 1990s skate jersey as well as a new yet-to-be-unveiled third uniform.

But according to a report from Icethetics, a website which has become the authority on all things related to NHL logos and jerseys, the changes don’t end there. The Canucks are reportedly likely to make changes to their current home and road jerseys – though we don’t know how drastic they will be.

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Icethetics says it received its information from a leaked Adidas catalogue, similar to one that leaked on Reddit last season. The catalogue doesn’t include specifics, but it is where we first learned of the possibility of a new alternate jersey for the Canucks.

While fans in Vancouver have become used to drastic changes to their team’s logo and colour scheme, for the moment, there’s no way to know if this will involve a small tweak or a dramatic redesign.

Here’s what Icethetics speculated:

It’s unclear whether the Canucks are working on sweeping changes or maybe just updating the crest to remove the superfluous “Vancouver” arched across the top. But I also wouldn’t be that shocked to see a new primary logo to coincide with the 50th anniversary.

Given that the team has already announced that they’ll wear the black skate jersey as a retro uniform, don’t expect a colour scheme change or a return to their 1994 look for their primary uniforms. It should be noted that the skate jersey was decided upon after a fan vote, in which the Flying V and Messier-era Orca uniforms were on the ballot.

Absent from the voting options was the team’s original uniforms, featuring the stick-in-rink design.

Were they saving it for their home and away uniforms? Is Johnny Canuck making a comeback? He has been prominent in the team’s game presentation – including during the intro video and viking clap this season.

The Canucks also just introduced three new merchandise themes, designed by Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser, and Elias Pettersson. None of the three players chose the orca with their designs. Is that by design or are they just not fond of whales?

This is all wild speculation, of course. The change could involve something as simple as removing the “Vancouver” wordmark, a tweak to the orca logo, or a shoulder patch adjustment.

Whatever the case, most teams have their uniforms unveiled by the draft, particularly when they are hosting the marquee NHL event, like the Canucks are in June.

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