Canucks All-Star Markstrom rocks YOYUU suit to honour Godfrey Gao

Jan 26 2020, 2:12 am

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom was perhaps the best dressed player at NHL All-Star Weekend in St. Louis.

Wearing a black tuxedo, his lapels and pant stripes were made with an iridescent material to bring some glamour to the red carpet.

Markstrom’s outfit was a conversation starter. It turns out his suit was worn as a tribute to his friend, Vancouver actor and model Godfrey Gao, who died suddenly on November 27 at age 35.

The 29-year-old, playing in his first NHL All-Star Game, chose to wear a suit made by YOYUU — a clothing company Gao co-founded in 2015.

“I really wanted to honour him and wear this suit,” Markstrom told It’s a different material (on the lapels). When you have the flash to take photos, it changes colours, so I figured no one else would be wearing something like this here, so why not go big once you’re here?”

Gao’s death isn’t the only tragedy Markstrom has had to deal with this season, as his father passed away in October.

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