Canadian man captures moment he was almost struck by lightning (VIDEO)

Jul 5 2018, 2:44 am

Sure, the odds of being struck by lightning are incredibly slim (1 in 960,000 to be precise), but sometimes, even being missed by lightning can be too close for comfort.

Such was the case for an Ottawa man recently.

Sarp Kizir was barbecuing on his back deck recently during a rainstorm and decided to film some of his cooking time.

Like numerous other cooking videos, it started off pretty straightforward, but then things take a hair-raising turn thanks to a lightning strike that, well let’s just say is a little too close for comfort.

Fortunately, Kizir escaped the incident unharmed, but the video serves as a good reminder to always pay attention to your surroundings when in the great outdoors – even if it’s just on your back deck.

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