This "Canada's Got Talent" audition is almost impossible to watch (VIDEO)

Apr 5 2023, 9:36 pm

Editor’s Note: This article contains descriptions and videos of graphic content which some readers may find disturbing.

Vancouver-based magician Will Stelfox repulsed judges by swallowing five razorblades in his audition for Canada’s Got Talent.

Without saying a word, Stelfox entered the stage and approached the judges with an apple studded with razor blades. Next, he demonstrated the sharpness of the blades by cleanly slicing off the corner of a piece of paper.

Stelfox then proceeded to calmly place each blade in his mouth and appeared to swallow them. Horrified audience members could be seen covering their eyes while presenter Lindsay Ell exclaimed, “What are you doing to your esophagus!”

What he did next no one saw coming. Stelfox then wound up and gulped down a small ball of floss.

Stelfox then pulled the floss from his throat with the razor blades attached, each blade hanging on the floss like a gory washing line.

But the show wasn’t over. For his next trick, Stelfox chewed a mint and then appeared to place a line of floss through his neck.

At this point, Singh could no longer bear to watch. Jumping from her chair, she turned away from the stage to avoid seeing what came next. 

In one swift movement, Stelfox appeared to pull the floss from inside his neck with the intact mint magically attached.

Canada’s Got Talent judge Lilly Singh said the audition was “unlike anything [she’d] ever seen.” While judge Howie Mandel said it was “beyond words.”

Of course, do not try this at home! This is a magic trick performed for entertainment by a professional.

You can watch his full audition here.

All-new episodes of Canada’s Got Talent are Tuesdays 8/7c on City TV.

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