Mama Milk Fairy: Making keepsake DNA jewellery out of breast milk

Oct 1 2021, 6:49 pm

Putting a new spin on exotic jewellery, a Vancouver woman has created a niche that seems to be quite popular, DNA jewellery, including jewellery made from breast milk.

Although some might find the concept bizarre, Mama Milk Fairy’s story has noble roots.

Outside of breast milk jewellery, she also makes soap, and other keepsakes.

If you find it bizarre, she says that she gets it quite often, but that it’s okay.

“It is not for everybody and that is fine,” she tells Daily Hive.

Mama Milk Fairy told Daily Hive that as a mother, she has had difficulty breastfeeding her children.

“I had a rough start breastfeeding my eldest, and when my breastfeeding journey with my second son was about to end, I really wanted something tangible to remember it by.”

She started doing some research.

While most of her creations are crafted using breast milk, she can also make jewellery out of human hair, cremated ashes, placenta, and more.

The picture below is a piece made with baby hair.

“I started searching ways to commemorate my journey, and this is how I came on the path of turning DNA into precious keepsake jewellery.”

Daily Hive asked Mama Milk Fairy other reasons why someone might be interested in a DNA necklace or bracelet.

For some, it’s similar to her own story. For others, “it was the only tangible thing they had left of their stillborn baby.”

“Others want to preserve a lock of hair from a loved one because they passed away, or because they want to keep their baby’s cute first hairs. And when it comes to jewellery made with cremation ashes, it usually to keep a late loved one close to ones heart.”

Interested patrons can either mail Mama Milk Fairy their breast milk, or purchase a DIY kit.

You can follow her on Instagram at @MamaMilkFairy for more details.


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