Black bears cubs flummoxed by hammock in Gibsons, BC

Sep 3 2016, 1:34 am

We’ve got some smart bears round these parts. They tear into SUVs, they break into bird houses, they even get an advanced education.

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But, as it turns out, all it takes to flummox our bears is a simple hammock, as a new video that’s emerged from Gibson’s, BC shows.

In the video, posted on Facebook by local man Neville Anthony Judd, a mama black bear and her three bear cubs can be seen playing around on his hammock.

At first, only two of the cubs seem obsessed with the hammock, constantly trying – and failing – to cling onto, and possibly climb, it.

Before long though, the whole family is in on the act, all trying to pull the hammock in different directions.

The most they manage is to hook their front paws over the hammock and just hang for a while.

Jenni SheppardJenni Sheppard

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