Black bear caught posing near the SFU sign on Burnaby Mountain

Jun 29 2016, 10:22 pm

Yogi isn’t just hungry for food, he’s hungry for knowledge.

A black bear was snapped posing near the Simon Fraser University sign on Monday. The photo was posted to the school’s Facebook page and has since gone viral, amassing 4,000 likes and 500 shares in 17 hours at the time of publication.

In the comments section, a few naysayers were quick to claim the picture was photoshopped, but the school responded insisting it’s real.

Image: Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

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Black bear season is in full swing in areas like Burnaby and the North Shore. While the animals are majestic – even cute – there have already been two instances of bears destroying property to get at food. Most recently, two Lexus SUVs were destroyed in West and North Vancouver because the owners left some tasty morsels in their vehicles overnight.

Nobody was injured in either incident, but the West Vancouver Police Department has set out a list of guidelines for those who live in bear-heavy areas (Burnaby Mountain residents, listen up):

  • Put your garbage curb side the day of pickup, never the night before
  • Store garbage in your house, garage, or shed
  • Keep your garbage as odour-free as possible
  • Freeze particularly smelly items like meat trays and chicken bones
  • Keep diapers inside
  • Remove bird feeders until the winter
  • Keep your barbecue clean
  • Pick fruit from trees as soon as it’s ripe and remove fallen fruit on the ground
  • Turn compost to reduce smells and keep a lid on it
  • Keep pet food inside
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers inside

This particular bear, however, was probably just on his way to summer classes.

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