23 wellness gift ideas for your body, mind and soul

Nov 18 2021, 9:49 pm

If there was one takeaway from COVID-19, it’s that mental and physical wellbeing comes first.

From customized fitness routines to self-care essentials, the wellness movement is more than a way of life these days.

We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for you and your loved ones to live their best balanced lives.

Movement by NM

Movement by NM is redefining the fitness industry in a huge way.  The online platform is aimed at helping individuals incorporate movement into their everyday lives with an array of different options, all through personal training sessions with trainers in the yoga kickboxing space and beyond.

Movement by NM offers yoga instruction as part of its lineup.

Movement is more than just running or weightlifting here, but can also include stretching or a casual walk around the neighbourhood.

Personalized trainers work with clients via the online platform.

Beyond redefining people’s perception of fitness, Movement by NM is committed to building a community through inspirational and uplifting stories that are intended to motivate newbies and experienced movers. Available for either $8.99/month or $59/annually through movementbynm.com.

Bear’s Blooms

Everyone loves receiving fresh flowers! That’s why a Bear’s Blooms subscription ($39) is the ideal gift to send family and loved ones this holiday season.

Bear’s Blooms.

These farm-fresh and locally sourced flowers are shipped straight to your recipients’ address, ready to be built into a beautiful bouquet. You choose your size, delivery frequency and flowers at the click of a button. Getting fresh flowers on repeat has never been so fun and straightforward.

Candles by Studio Apartment

These chic bougie candles are a stunning local gift. Studio Apartment‘s offerings are not only clean burning, but ethically-sourced using FDA approved coconut apricot wax.
There’s a scent for everyone in the collection, but our personal go-to would be the West Coast Cedar ($40) which is a blend of white clove, grey cedar and herbal moss with patchouli resin.

The West Coast Cedar candle by Studio Apartment.

Scents are all 100% plant-based and made using paraben-free, cruelty free and phtalate-free essential oils.
The chicly labeled candles are all hand-poured in founder Tyron Harkiss-Foster’s Vancouver home, and are meant to transform a mundane space into an extraordinary sanctuary.


Vitruvi’s diffusers elevate any living space with their beautiful designs and high quality essential oils. The Vancouver based company, founded by Sara Panton, is launching their first-ever holiday collection in 2021. The Stone Diffuser and holiday oils kit ($150) comes in an array of shades including white, terracotta, blush and sea.

Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser and Holiday Kit with four essential oils.

For someone who may want to move their diffuser around to different rooms, the cordless and chargeable Move model is ideal. Vitrivi has three limited edition colours available this year, including the whimsical green Willow, metallic brown Chestnut and creamy, metallic pearl dubbed Charm. The holiday bundle ($179) also includes essential oils, and a USB C charging pad.

The Move diffuser by Vitruvi.

If your loved one or BFF already has a diffuser, treat them to Vitruvi’s Holiday Kit ($48) that comes with four festive essential oils (including two exclusive holiday ones dubbed Fireside and Afterglow) to keep them in the Christmas spirit.

The brand also launched their first-ever print edition of magazine Natural Habitat ($24) featuring Vancouver’s own Shay Mitchell on the cover. The stunning magazine isn’t just pretty to look at, but full of informative articles, stunning imagery, and meaningful personal essays.

VTMN Packs

Nothing says new year resolutions like getting back on the supplement regimen. VTMN is making that much easier with their chic, pre-packed sachets that are not only pretty to look at, but ultra-convenient and hassle-free. The brand also offers AM and PM boxes to keep routines easy.

A VTMN Pack satchet.

Customers can take a health assessment to determine what vitamins and supplements works best for them, or they can customize what ones they already know they want to try.

Boxes by VTMN Packs.

Gift cards are also available via the “accessories” page to allow your recipient to order their own.

Smudge Wellness

Smudge Wellness has become the online destination for spiritual self-care. The brand was founded by Lara Corey and Luigi Aldon to help people feel more connected to themselves and the world.

Their stunning collection of crystals are the perfect personalized, thoughtful gift. Choose one from their a la carte collection, or their curated collection of crystal mixes for maximum healing power. Pairs well with their intention decks.

The a la carte crystal collection by Smudge.

For the friend obsessed with all things witch craft, the Smudge Spell kits ($111.50) are an absolute must!

A spell kit by Smudge.

Each “spell” corresponds to a major life milestone ($90) such as career, love, baby, or health and comes with a specific collection of crystals, deck, personal intention-setting note, spray and more.

The Moon Cycle Cookbook

Moon Cycle Bakery has made waves in the wellness industry for their innovative sweet treats that also help replenish micronutrients lost during different stages of the menstrual cycle.

The Moon Cycle Cookbook.

Founders Devon Loftus and nutritionist Jenna Radomski have published their incredible collection recipes in a stunning new book, The Moon Cycle Cookbook ($25 at Indigo).

Goodies made from recipes in the book.

The pair went beyond dessert with snacks, savory meals and more organized around each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle — including solution oriented.

Cacao, for example, helps with painful cramps — while sweet potato brownies help nip mood swings in the bud. There’s also plenty of self care tips included in the book, which is rooted in self empowerment and education.

The Smart Topper

Take your sleep to the next level with The Smart Topper by Perfectly Snug (starting at $1145 for a twin, $1999 for a queen, and up to $2265 for a split king). This must-have bed accessory goes right on top of your mattress, and keeps you and your at ideal temperatures all night (each side adjusts to the individual).

The Smart Topper by Perfectly Snug.

For hot sleepers or during the summer months, it can gently blow cool air under and around you — and for those who are always cold, it’ll keep you nice and cozy. Bonus: there’s independent foot warming.

Control the Smart Topper via an app, that allows you to set a preferred overnight temperature plan, schedule preheating to coincide with sleep and wakeup times, and choose optional foot heating (check out a video on how it works here).

Astrology Session With Bronwyn Simons

Gifting an experience is sometimes better than a physical item. For the astrology lover on your list, a session with Vancouver Island’s award-winning Bronwyn Simons is guaranteed to be the perfect present.

Award winning astrologer Bronwyn Simons.

In December of 2019, the award-winning predictive astrologer advised her clients to cancel international travel plans, watch their investments, and prepare to spend more time at home in 2020.

Her predictions for 2022 are much sweeter – she says to prepare for a year of “dreaming and doing”. A rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will awaken the dreamer and mystic in us all, and expand the dreams that have been on hold since 2019. To find out what’s in the stars for next year, book a spot at her Bronwyn’s online Year Ahead Forecast and Planning Event ($87) or choose a private Year Ahead consultation ($332).

Therabody PowerDot 2.0

Therabody’s new PowerDot 2.0 ($439) is all about self care. Not only does the muscle simulator relieve muscle pain and speed up muscle recovery, it also helps to improve athletic performance.

Therabody’s PowerDot 2.0,

Using artificial intelligence and guided programs, Therabody offers programs personalized for the user based on their own needs via the PowerDot App.

Perfect for the athlete in your life, or someone suffering from muscle pain/recovery.

Lululemon Mirror

Lululemon revolutionized the athleisure world with their yoga pants over 15 years ago, and now they’ve set their fits on fitness. The Vancouver-based company has launched their high-tech Mirror (currently specially priced at $1245, plus free shipping and installation worth $350) which may be their most game changing release ever.

Lululemon’s Mirror.

The sleek mirror doubles as a monitor that allows the user to engage with fitness classes that are either live or pre-programmed, transforming any room into your own at-home gym.

The device also gets to know you based on a personal profile, and can customize things like music, monitor heart rate, track results and built a personal program based on your needs.

Available via Lululemon.

Keys Soulcare

An indulgent skincare routine is definitely on the docket when it comes to wellness. Singer Alicia Keys launched her highly reviewed line earlier this year called Keys Soulcare. The line offers more than just moisturizers and serums, taking a holistic approach to the routine (all in a beautiful amethyst colored packaging).

Keys Soulcare’s Comfort Ritual Kit.

The luxe Comfort Ritual set ($284) checks all the boxes with the lines Golden Cleanser (includes Manuka honey), Skin Transformation Cream (counts bakuchiol as a key ingredien)t, and the rose scented Reviving Aura Mist. An obsidian facial roller and sage + oat milk candle round out the indulgent package to treat your body and soul through daily ritual.

All items are also sold individually.

Endy’s Luxe Foam Pillow & Weight Blanket

A good night’s sleep is key to overall wellness. Canadian company Endy has been a trailblazer with their mattresses, and have expanded their ever-growing collection to include other nighttime essentials.
The ultra-breathable Luxe Foam Pillow was released last Septembe. The item is charcoal-infused and ventilated, providing comfort in all sleeping positions. Comes with a natural bamboo cover that’s conveniently machine washable.

The Luxe Foam Pillow by Endy.

Endy’s Weighted Blanket ($195) is another gift you can’t go wrong with. The bedtime essential evenly distributes pressure across your body to promote deeper sleep and maximum relaxation, reducing feelings of anxiety. It’s also reversible and machine washable.

Endy’s weighted blanket.

Both available at Endy.com, along with the company’s ever-popular mattresses.

NuFACE’s Trinity Device

Microcurrent devices for facial treatments are here to stay — and no one is doing it better than NuFACE. Licensed aesthetician Carol Cole launched the product with her daughters Tera and Kim, pioneering the concept of an at-home workout for your face.

NuFACE’s Trinity Device.

The NuFACE devices deliver microcurrents to your face that stimulate muscles for an overall lifted appearance that also helps reduce wrinkles, as well as contour and tone. Any beauty and skincare aficionado will be in love with his item, that requires only several minutes of use a day.

The Trinity model ($653) comes with three different attachments — the facial trainer to tone and lift, the effective lip and eye for small areas in those regions, and the wrinkle reducer for reducing full-face wrinkles, as well as their gel. There’s also a mini version ($328). Available via The Bay.

Allbirds Shoes

Everyone needs a good walking shoe, and there’s a reason Allbirds has been wildly popular in recent years. The sustainable footwear company, based in New Zealand, designed their styles with rain or shine in mind.

The company recently made their first step into performance with the Dasher Collection ($175-$205). Designed to move with you for a jog, walk or errands, comfort is key with all their styles.

The Dasher shoe by Allbirds.

For a slightly more elevated look, the chic Wool/Tree Pipers ($98) style goes with just about anything. The newest design, made from merino wool and tree materials, has become the brands most popular style.

Calm App Subscription

Calm is the #1 app used for sleep support and meditation. The app offers monthly  ($76.99) or lifetime subscription plans ($499.99) that are easily giftable for someone near or far. Calm’s programming can be geared towards the users interests — such as reducing stress or improving focus, improving sleep quality (including insomnia) or self improvement.

The Calm App in use.

There’s plenty of audio content to choose from, but their most popular is a daily 10-minute meditation dubbed “The Daily Calm.” Even celebrities like LeBron James have jumped in on this one, lending their voices and names to their own content like Sleep Stories with his “King of the Sleeping City.” Other content launches include Sleep Stories from Bridgerton‘s Regé-Jean Page and Tabitha Brown, which are soothing nighttime stories to help you drift off to sleep.

A giftcard for the Calm App is also available.

For families, the app recently launched vertical Calm Kids. New kid-friendly Sleep Stories are launched on Sundays to help your little ones have a better sleep. Current ones available include “Poppy and the Quest for Calm” narrated by Anna Kendrick, and “Daddy Pig’s Bedtime Story’ by Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig.

The app can used via a phone, tablet, smart TV or an Apple Watch. Available via the Apple store, Android or online.

Moon Juice

Wellness brand Moon Juice hasn’t looked back since getting the Goop seal of approval several years ago. Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon looked to the ancient alchemy realm to develop her products, which have expanded from adaptogenic supplements (herbs, mushrooms and minerals) to food, skincare and even books.

The Super You supplement by Moon Juice.

Their SuperYou Daily Stress Management supplement ($65) has been one of their most popular releases, which uses a potent blend of four adaptogenic herbs that support the decrease of cortisol and c-reactive protein levels.

Moon Juice’s Collagen Protect.

For the skincare, nail and hair obsessed, the Collagen Protect ($42) vegan creamer is the way to go. The creamy antioxidant-packed skin supplement that helps prevent cellular damage and supports joint health, and can be right into your coffee, matcha, milk or cereal to protect your own collagen from being broken down.

Available online via Moon Juice.

Superbolt Performance Tea

Superbolt performance tea was conceived in Japan when founder Elliott Graham was living over seas. Tea culture is an important component of the Japanese culture, and he became interested in combining his knowledge of tea with a natural alternative to an energy drink: in come Superbolt.

Superbolt Tea.

After years of development and searching for alternatives, he came up with a performance tea that combines the traditionally healthy properties of tea with organic ingredients proven to enhance immunity and performance, while increasing energy levels and mental focus.

The wellness focused company is committed to the idea of longevity, and integrating simple healthy rituals that support our bodies and minds to function at their potential, stemming from Elliott’s passion for wellness.

Ohai’s Cannabis Essentials

Ohai is a curated collection of elevated essentials for the cannabis user in your life. Both style conscious and aesthetically aware, the company has items like grinders ($40), crystal pipes ($60) and joint rings.

OHAI rolling papers.

Vancouver’s own Emily Leung founded the company right here in BC with an all-female team, inspired by her own consumption of cannabis for self-therapy and insomnia.

The grinder (right) crystal Rainbow Fluorite (left)  by OHAI.

Function meets sty with the metal Ohai logo grinder, which is made of four pieces for you to mill, store, and enjoy your most precious herbs.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP has become the authority on all things wellness. The Oscar winning actress has even launched her own line of products, including the GOOPGLOW Powder Mix ($84).

GOOPGLOW’S powder mix.

Add one of these golden colored satchets to a morning beverage daily, and drink your way to glowing skin with a healthy dose of skin-supporting ingredients such as CoQ10, vitamins C and E, and grape-seed proanthocyanidins.

A power shot of antioxidants and nutrients designed to reduce the free radical effects of the sun, pollution, stress, and more, it helps protect against oxidative photodamage, which can lead to signs of premature aging like dullness, uneven tone, fine lines, and loss of firmness.

Bonus: it tastes good too, with a orange and lemon verbena vibe. Easy to take to work or the gym. Available online or at Sephora.

SmartSilk’s Bed Sheets

Sleep has been a theme in this wellness gift guide — and the right sheets definitely play a role there. SmartSilk‘s luxe offerings are not only ultra comfy, but offer a slew of other benefits, including being asthma and allergy friendly. Silk bedding known to be great for skin and hair, too.

Bedding by SmartSilk.

The 100% Tussah Silk fabric is also temperature-regulating, which naturally cools down if you’re hot and helps to warm you up when cold. Notably, Tussah Silk is extracted after the cocoon has fallen and no worm is left inside — so there’s no killing involved in the gathering process.

SmartSilk’s offerings come in an array of neutral shades.

Comes in a Complete Bed Set with a silk-filled comforter, set of two pillow protectors, and silk-lined mattress protector ($464 – $729), flat and fitted bed sheet set ($450$525), and duvet cover and pillow sham set ($419 – $439).

These sheets and pillow cases are also both machine washable and dryer safe.

Empyri’s 3-Step Skincare Ritual

Cannabis-infused skincare products takes your daily routine to the next level.

Canadian brand Empyri’s 3-step ritual system is designed to deliver both active and powerful ingredients to protect and nourish your face — all while keeping wellness in mind. The word empyri translates to the state of internal bliss.

Empyri’s 3-step skincare ritual.

You won’t find any chemical additives in their oil cleanser, vitamin-c toner and daily moisturizing serum ($170 for the set), which are aimed at combining the love of science, nature and cannabis. A deep rooted connection to the earth and others is at the core of this company, which strives to empower and inspire people to be in their best health.

All products are sustainable and cruelty free.

AWAY’s Travel Accessories

Now that we can travel again (to some places, at least), do it in style…and comfort. The travel experts at AWAY have designed a few go-to accessories, including their essential Travel Neck Pillow ($75). This item makes all the difference on a long or short haul flight.

The Travel Neck Pillow by AWAY.

For a red eye (or if you just need a nap), drift off into bliss with their super sleek Sleep Mask ($55) which is designed to give eyes plenty of space.

Finally, stay hydrated and refreshed with AWAY’s Bliss Set ($85) which includes several of the brands’ go-to products like Pursoma Bain de Pied™ Recovery Foot SoakNOTO Mini Deep Serum, Karité Crème MainsBolden SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer and AMASS Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer all housed in a mini aluminum AWAY suitcase designed to take on the plane.

The Bliss Set by AWAY.

Available via AWAY online.

One Tree Planted x Unwrapit

Through an online corporate gifting portal like Unwrapit, you can give gifts with a purpose. Unwrapit has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees as gifts of appreciation for employees and customers.

One Tree Planted X Unwrapit.

By gifting a planted tree to your team, customers or business partners, not only are you helping the environment with reforestation efforts, but you’re also putting an end to unnecessary and, in some cases, unwanted physical gifts that end up in landfills. Recipients can choose where they want to plant the tree and are presented with a downloadable tree certificate at the end of the experience stamped with their name and the date. Starting at $50.
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