Best Vietnamese restaurants in and around Vancouver

May 3 2021, 11:45 pm

Everybody has their go-to spot when ordering Vietnamese.

The staple dishes are so customizable — vermicelli or rice? Salad rolls or spring rolls? Which meat, if any, do you like in your bowls? Or on your banh mi?

You can warm yourself up on a cold winter day with a hearty bowl of pho, and enjoy a refreshing salad roll and chicken rice dish on a hot summer day.

Whether you like your Vietnamese sweet or spicy, or you’re the type to take off the cilantro, there’s a dish for you.

Vancouver is a great city for Vietnamese restaurants, whether you’re looking for an amazing version of your personal go-to, or an exciting dish you’ve never tried.

Here are 16 of the best Vietnamese restaurants in and around Vancouver.

Anh and Chi


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One of the more celebrated restaurants in Vancouver, family-owned Anh and Chi reimagines authentic Vietnamese cuisine to create vibrant dishes and exciting cocktails. Anh and Chi makes the dishes you know and love with exciting twists, and ones you’ve never heard of but will crave days after visiting — like every mind-blowing dish on their bucket list menu.

Address: 3388 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-878-8883

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Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine

With two locations on Robson Street, Viet Sub is an extremely popular spot for shoppers. Lunchtime is their busiest time, with very affordable and delicious Vietnamese staples available. The customer favourite here is the Shrimp Salad Roll, with succulent shrimp and mixed vegetables. Grab a sub with your choice of meat that includes fresh veggies, including mint, radish, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, and onion.

Address: 520 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-3340

Address: 1682 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-566-333


Do Chay

The decor inside Do Chay is bright, colourful, and exciting — and the food is no different. Specializing in creating flares on the favourites, Vietnamese street food, and share plates, Do Chay’s dishes are all original creations. Every dish, whether it’s a curry bowl, satay noodles, or festival cakes, is filled with fresh vegetables and delicious sauces. Do Chay is also 100% vegetarian!

Address: 1269 Hamilton, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-2939

Address: 1392 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: 603-225-8349

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Pho Tan

Posted by Jason Fan on Friday, December 18, 2015

Pho Tan is a homey spot for Vietnamese food that specializes in the classics — soup, noodles, and rice dishes. Warm up here when there’s snow on the ground, and when summer hits, this is the perfect takeout spot to enjoy a nice picnic at Queen Elizabeth Park just a block away.

Address: 4598 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-873-3345


Chau Veggie Express


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The Chau Veggie Express is — you guessed it — 100% plant based. They’ve created their menu vegan not just to deliver tasty items, but to create a space of holistic wellness. Nourish your body and your mind with recipes passed down from the owner’s mother, who worked at a soup stall in Saigon. Order a plate of Bai Sao Beach Chips for the table and go from there — you can’t go wrong here.

Address: 5502 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-568-9508

Address: 1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-9508

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Ongba Vietnamese Eatery

Ongba has all of the Vietnamese staples, but their claim to fame is their banh mi and pho options, making an amazing soup and salad combo. There’s a whopping 10 different pho soups to choose from, with meat and vegetarian options. The banh mi subs come with pickled carrots and radishes, lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, soy sauce, and mayo. The spice level of the mayo is up to you — depending on how brave you are.

Address: 976 Denman Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-5595

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Viet House

A popular lunch and dinner spot on the Cambie strip, the food and service at Viet House are worth visiting for. Here, they serve traditional Vietnamese cuisine alongside their own custom recipes. Each one is made with care and plated beautifully. Viet House is usually open until midnight (normally 2 am) every day, making it one of the only open-late spots in the area.

Address: 3420 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-9388

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Pho Goodness


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Located in the heart of Davie Street and on Main Street, Pho Goodness has been serving comfort Vietnamese food since 2011. They bring their home-style cooking to every bowl of pho, rice dish, banh mi sub sandwich, and vermicelli-filled bowl. They’re an award winning Vancouver restaurant with a devoted following of Vietnamese cooking enthusiasts.

Address: 307 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-7727

Address: 1150 Davie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 694-568-3253

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Little Saigon Yaletown

All of the delicious dishes at Little Saigon are made in-house with the best and freshest ingredients. Any soup with their beef broth is a must-order — they simmer Canadian AAA grade beef for 10 long hours, season it beautifully, and filter it. It’s rich, complex, and mouth-watering. Their sauce creations were so popular, they bottled them up and put them into several BC grocery stores!

Address: 1263 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver
Phone: 604-683-6746

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The family-owned DD MAU is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, and one of the hippest spots. Not only is their vibrant food some of the best in town, but they offer incredible food and drink specials for their Saigon Saturdays, and host local DJ’s to spin fun beats during their Happy Beginnings series. Tasty food, inventive cocktails, and authentic Vietnamese coffees — DD MAU is ideal for lunch or a fun night on the town.

Address: 145 E Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-6076

Address: 1239 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver
Phone: 604-684-4446

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Ha Long Bay Restaurant

Ha Long Bay is closed on the weekends, making this the perfect lunch spot and work week escape. They serve mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisine to Vancouver made with high-quality ingredients. They offer brisket in their noodle soup, homemade pork patties, lemongrass chicken with bell pepper rice bowls, and so much more.

Address: 430 W Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-568-7976


Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro


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Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro offers the basics served at the highest level, for some of the best prices in the city. Their baguettes are packed with delicious ingredients between fresh bread. They offer four different kinds of Vietnamese coffee to sip on while you eat these fantastic dishes. We recommend the Com Cari Ga — their Vietnamese curry chicken served with your choice of rice or baguette.

Address: 2114 W 41st Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-1494

Address: #105 – 4800 No 3 Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-279-5168

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Phnom Penh Restaurant

Perennial favourite and Vancouver institution, Phnom Penh specializes in Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine. Their wings and buttered beef are the iconic dishes served here, but don’t miss out on the rest of the enormous menu that includes Cambodian-style noodles and spring roll vermicelli bowls. While you’re here, grab a Moo Moo shake — they have over 10 flavours.

Address: 244 E Georgia Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-734-8898


Linh Cafe


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There is plenty of French inspiration in Vietnamese cooking, and Linh Cafe celebrates that combination of flavours and techniques more than most. The food here is unpretentious, creative, and authentic French cuisine with the Vietnamese twist. There’s not many other spots that offer escargot, lyonnaise salad, and steak tartare alongside salad rolls, spring rolls, and Vietnamese soups.

Address: 2836 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-4668

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Lunch Lady


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One of the coolest and most beautiful rooms on this list, the Lunch Lady on Commercial Drive is also one of the most popular. Started by the lunch lady herself in Saigon, Mrs. Thanh has shared her incredible food with Vancouver. “It’s like discovering new neighbourhoods every few mouthfuls,” said the late Anthony Bourdain while eating her soups. This menu is fun and innovative, like their garlic fried noodles dish with garlic xo butter and parmigiano reggiano. They also have one of the best original cocktail menus in Vancouver.

Address: 1046 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-5938

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Bonjour Vietnam Bistro

Patrons who head here can eventually expect two versions of the menu, and one is entirely vegetarian. Offerings include fresh salad rolls, crispy spring rolls, skewers and salads, noodle bowls, and vermicelli bowls — you name it, Bonjour has it. There’s also a variety of wrap and roll platters, rice and BBQ dishes, and wok-fried creations on the menu.

Address: 3944 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-879-3633


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