10 things in Vancouver you need to eat or drink when you're getting sick

Sep 26 2017, 6:02 am

No matter what time of year it is, getting sick sucks.

So when you feel a tickle in the back of your throat, you need to act fast. Luckily there are a ton of items out there that will help you crush that cold and get right back to your kick-ass normal self.

We’re not talking over-the-counter-meds – we mean vitamin-packed veg-heavy superfood concoctions made for battling those pesky sniffles.

Here are 10 items to pick up in Vancouver when you’re sick.

The Cold Blaster Tea from O-Cha Tea Bar

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This tea from O-Cha Tea Bar on Homer kicks some serious ass when it comes you colds. You can opt for the Vitamin-C-packed concoction with extra caffeine, or a decaf version too. Whether you live near O-Cha or not, it’s worth making the trip to get this concoction in your system (and get some of their grilled banana bread too, just because).

Address: 1116 Homer Street, Vancouver

Turmeric Tonic from The Juicery Co.

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Drinking this cold-pressed juice is a great way to boost your immune system and hydrate. With a mix of freshly juiced orange, turmeric, ginger, cayenne, alkaline water, honey, and black pepper, this beverage has a spicy kick that will also promote healthy digestion.

Address: 4 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @thejuiceryco

Bone Broth from Kitskitchen

Kitskitchen’s bone broth is rich in electrolytes, meaning this ingredient is the key to rehydrating if you’re feeling under the weather.

Address: Find it at one of these retailers in Vancouver
Instagram: @kitskitchen

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Green Curry Chicken Bowl from SMAK

Need some spice to clear you sinuses? Grab this dish to-go from the healthy fast food joint SMAK. The curry chicken bowl from this spot has a hearty helping of mixed veg with coconut green curry on a bed of rice, so it’s the perfect thing to push you through your day.

Address: 2 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @smakfood

Cold Fighter from MELU Juice & Health

Packed with Vitamin C, the Cold Fighter’s combo of orange, apple, lemon, and turmeric is sure fire way to beating a cold. The ingredients are mood and immune boosting, cold fighting, hydrating, and delicious.

Address: 1110 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @melujuice

Protect Juice from Nectar Juicery

The name says it all – if you feel something coming on, head to Nectar and get your fix of apple, elderberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, burdock, and ginger in juice form. This drink boosts your energy, cleanses your liver, and combats the common cold.

Address: Multiple locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @nectarjuicery

Split Pea Soup from Hubbub

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Cozying up to some warm, fresh soup is not the worst idea when you’re feeling ill. Head to Hubbub for their delicious split pea soup, and if you grab a sandwich and clean slaw to-go we won’t judge¬†– no one likes cooking when they’re sick.

Address: 2 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @eathubbub

Cleaning Service from Sexy Juice

If you’re feeling under the weather, this shot should do the trick. It’s a potent mixture of pear, carrot, celery, orange, ginger, turmeric, lemon¬†to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Just close your eyes, throw it back, and you’ll be yourself again in no time.

Address: 2839 West Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @sexyjuiceme

Vial of Quinton Minerals

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You may have¬†seen these little glass vials¬†in health stores or juiceries before. If you’re sick and need a quick fix, this is your go-to product. The vial¬†contains 90 minerals and trace elements that will boost your immune system and prompt a ‘reset’ for your body so it can succesfully¬†to fight off that cold. Simply open one side and down this on an empty stomach.

Find it: At The Juicery Co. locations and Nectar Juicery

The Wellness Shot from The Juice Truck

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This will be the best you ever feel after taking a shot. Drinking ginger, lemon, cayenne, and oil of oregano (AKA the cure to a lot of your body’s problems) will be an indefinite way to ward off any bugs.

Address: Multiple locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @juicetruck

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