The 13 best coffee shops in Gastown

Sep 22 2017, 11:47 pm

Compiling data is the lifeblood of any accountant.

So when it came to discovering and discussing my one true passion, coffee, it only made sense that I apply the same process I use for number-crunching – logical and organized lists.

This inevitably led me to create weekly roundups of the best coffee shops in different Vancouver neighbourhoods.

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This week it’s Gastown – here are the 13 best coffee shops in this Vancouver neighbourhood.


A coffee roaster serving up their own coffee? Seems like a logical plan. Located in the heart of Gastown, Timbertrain serves coffee through their slow bar using the pour-over concept, as well as espresso-based coffees. Their Nitro Cold Brew is worth a try as well, which they serve on tap.

While enjoying your coffee in the shop, you may get the chance to interact with some new people as their seating is a balance of communal yet individual, so get ready to talk to some strangers… or don’t, it’s completely up to you.

Address: 311 West Cordova Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @timbertrain

Coffeebar Gastown

As the name suggests, this is a coffee bar. 49th Parallel roasted beans is in a dimly lit space, and this allows you to focus more on the enjoyment of coffee than your surroundings.

There’s an open area across the bar that allows for lots of seating or if you prefer to sit alone (as I do, because I don’t like people bothering me while I enjoy my coffee) you can find some great seating in the far back of the shop. All in all a good place to grab some 49th Parallel coffee.

Address: 10 Water Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @coffeebar_gastown

Nemesis Coffee

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New-ish to the coffee scene in Gastown, this up-and-coming coffee shop serves some intriguing coffee. Serving up different coffees from around the world, they like to change up their selection every so often so that you can try out different coffees roasted from all over and find the coffee that best suits you.

If you’re looking for food to go with your coffee, they also have a full breakfast menu including avocado on toast with or without poached egg, waffles, and an assortment of cookies that need to be tried at least once.

Address: 302 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Prado Cafe

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Although this is not the company’s first coffee shop, it’s established itself as a key part of the cafe community. This spot has a very welcoming environment, talkative staff, and space to enjoy your coffee – which is rare to find in downtown Vancouver.

Prado serves 49th Parallel and is constantly working towards finding new ways to enjoy coffee. Whether it’s their summer drinks or introducing new pairings to the coffee, this coffee shop has ensured that it will be around for a long time.

Address: 100 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @pradocafe


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This Vancouver staple has been around for years. Known for its pour-over and unique vibe, you can always guarantee that you’ll walk out with a good cup of coffee (unless you don’t, then that’s rather unfortunate).

One main feature of Revolver is that they make sure to stock up on different coffees from various coffee roasters so you can pick and choose different blends every time you walk in. Be forewarned – you need 10-15 minutes if you order a pour-over because the process takes time, but it produces a damn good cup of coffee.

Address: 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @revolvercoffee

Buro Espresso Bar

Have you ever walked by the oddly shaped building that splits up Water Street and West Cordova and wondered, “What kind of company could possibly be there?”

Well, you should know that it’s an awesome espresso bar. Serving up 49th Parallel beans, focusing on their espresso selections, you are able to enjoy your espresso-based coffee while people watching.

Address: 356 Water Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @buro_coffee


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This spot is truly and utterly amazing. Let me describe the paradise that is Purebread, in the manner only an accountant could. As you walk in, you notice a row of assorted baked goods, from freshly made bread to bars that are literally described as “Crack”.

While you focus all your energy trying to figure out which treat to enjoy with your coffee, you can enjoy no-brainer coffee choices. Purebread exclusively sells Stumptown coffee from Portland, so you can rest assured that whatever coffee you pick (Americano, drip, latte, etc.) will be an acceptable choice.

Address: 159 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @purebread_canada

Milano Roasters

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Vancouver-based roaster Milano offers a wide selection of varieties at their Powell Street location. For the more adventurous coffee drinkers, they also offer an Espresso Master’s Reserve collection, which includes options such as Butter Espresso, a six bean blend they call the New Italian, or their Nuovo, which is a 7 Single Origin Arabica Coffee. They have something for everyone.

Address: 26 Powell Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @milanoroasters

East Van Roasters

Tucked into Carrall Street you’ll find East Van Roasters. This is a local roaster and coffee shop that offers their own selection of coffee. Their 16-seat shop offers a “bean-to-bar” concept as mentioned on their site, along with drinking chocolates that are tailored to match the coffee notes found in their fresh roasts.

Address: 319 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @eastvanroasters

Nelson the Seagull

Right next to East Van Roasters, this coffee shop will surprise you when you first walk in. It has a spacious layout that you would never expect from the outside of the shop. Serving up Elysian Coffee as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu, you can be sure that you’ll walk out with a smile… or at least a full stomach.

Address: 315 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @nelsontheseagull

Smart Mouth Cafe

You’ll find Smart Mouth Cafe in the heart of Gastown serving up Moja Coffee – a local coffee roaster in Vancouver – and a plethora of lunch options. You can always stop by for a bite and a good cup of coffee knowing that quality will always be there for both.

Address: 131 Water Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @smartmouth_cafe

Trees Organic

The places that brought you “the number one cheesecake in Vancouver” also offers their own brand of roasted coffee – and it’s on par with the treats. Nothing is better than getting yourself a slice of New York style cheesecake with their strawberry topping (or whatever kind of cheesecake you want, I’m not judging) and having an Americano with it. It’s just the perfect pairing.

Address: 321 Water Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @treescoffee

Lost + Found Cafe

The focus of this coffee shop is simplicity – the simplicity in their food menu and also in their coffee.

Their roasts come from Republica Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster out in Langley, and they’ve ensured that both their coffee and food preserve their philosophy of keeping things uncomplicated. This one is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

Address: 33 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @lostandfoundcafe

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