The ultimate list of craft breweries to check out in Vancouver (MAP)

Nov 1 2021, 7:52 pm

The craft beer scene in Vancouver has been brewing for years, with tons of places to go to sample unique beers and growlers.

But with so many options, how do you know which brewery to go to?

Luckily, we’ve created this list to serve as the ultimate guide to breweries in Vancouver, to help you decide where to visit next!

Here is the ultimate list of craft breweries in Vancouver.

33 Acres Brewing Company

This minimalist, stylish brewery is located in the heart of Mount Pleasant and offers between five and eight beers for sampling and fills. They also have a variety of snacks for purchase and offer lunch during the week and brunch on weekends. Not to mention, they expanded to also become the 33 Brewing Experiment, which brews unique, fruity, and earthy beers.

Address: 15 West 8 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-4589

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Andina Brewing


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The team at Andina is passionate about sharing the universal language of good music, food and beer. The brewery takes inspiration from The Andes Mountains, where the most extreme variations in landscape, vegetation and climate exists of any mountains.

Address: 1507 Powell Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604- 253-2400

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Big Rock Urban Brewery and Eatery


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Big Rock Urban Brewery has a quiet and cozy beer tasting room, as well as a full restaurant and bar that serves up delicious pub eats.

Address: 310 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-708–8311


Bomber Brewing Company

This brewery is all about hockey, friendship, and beer, and has a comfy atmosphere reminiscent of catching the game at a friends’ place. They sell small eats like pretzels with mustard, and also have board games for those looking for a bit of extra fun!

Address: 1488 Adanac Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-7457


Brassneck Brewery


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Brassneck Brewery is one of the first breweries that opened in Vancouver during the current craft beer boom. The brewery is a popular spot for locals in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Address: 2148 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-259-7686

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Brewhall is passionate about bringing people together and focuses largely on collaborating with other breweries. They make beers that are loaded with flavour, like their juicy IPAs, bright sours, fruit beers and everything in between.

Address: 97 East 2 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-709-8623

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Callister Brewing Company


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This is a small-batch brewery that specializes in craft beers and sodas. The space is welcoming and modern and is often rented out for art shows and private events.

Address: 1338 Franklin Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-2739

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Container Brewing


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This vibrant brewery is passionate about being accessible and inclusive to all. They host events all of the time including comedy nights, live music, and even a sneaker show!

Address: 1216 Franklin Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-404-0657


Dogwood Brewing


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Dogwood Brewing is currently Vancouver’s only organic brewery, sourcing 90% of their ingredients from local producers.

Address: 8284 Sherbrooke Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-325-3693


East Van Brewing

East Van Brewing has 12 neighborhood favorite beers, including rotating seasonal flavours and classic mainstays. Starting November 2, they will host a weekly trivia night every Tuesday!

Address: 1675 Venables Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-558-3822

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Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycle offers a unique brewery experience filled with good beer and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. According to their website, it’s a place where co-workers lose their inhibitions, your in-laws learn to love you, and your boss finally gives you a raise.

Address: 20 East 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-709-9939

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Faculty Brewing Company


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The goal of Faculty Brewing is to bring beer and beer culture to a wider audience, which is why they named their beer in a way that mimics university courses — level 100 is for easier and more accessible beers, and it goes up to level 700 for more complex ones.

Address: 1830 Ontario Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-716-6794

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Granville Island Brewing


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Granville Island Brewing is Canada’s first microbrewery, and it opened in 1984. They brew premium, limited-release small batch beers and continue to innovate in the field today.

Address: 1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-687-2739


Luppolo Brewing Company

At Luppolo, beer is just as important as the atmosphere in the lounge, and they have a warm and welcoming environment including an indoor tasting room as well as an outdoor patio. They also partnered with From/To for home delivery of our full beer and pizza menu.

Address: 1123 Venables Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-255-4997

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Main Street Brewing Company

This brewery is famous for its new-world take on classic English-style beer, and recently started offering opportunities for the public to jointly brew batches with them.

Address:261 East 7 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-7711


Off the Rail Brewing Company

Off the Rail mainly brews English ales, German lagers, and US IPAs. They believe that art and beer go hand in hand, and frequently host art shows highlighting community artists.

Address: 1351 Adanac Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-563-5767

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Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Parallel 49 is one of the most popular breweries in Vancouver, and they offer a stellar bunch of innovative beers that are available at most liquor stores and restaurants around the city.

Address: 1950 Triumph Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-558-2739


Powell Brewery


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This brewery is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo that focuses on making small batches of high-quality, flavourful, handcrafted beers, using only natural and mostly local ingredients.

Address: 1357 Powell Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-558-2537

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R&B Brewing Company


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R&B first opened their doors in 1997, making them one of the oldest microbreweries in Vancouver. In 2016, they opened their new Pizza and Alehouse, where guests can chill out, enjoy their beer, and indulge in good food.

Address: 54 E 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-874-2537


Red Truck Beer Company


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Red Truck is another very popular brewery in Vancouver’s craft beer scene. They have a casual tasting room, restaurant and patio for guests. Not to mention, in the summer they offer an outdoor concert series too!

Address: 295 East 1 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-682-4733


Settlement Brewing

Previously known as Postmark Brewing, Settlement Brewing has maintained the same vision of making great beer to drink with great company. They specialize in small batch production, but also invite other brewers to contract tank space.

Address: 55 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604- 699-1989


Stanley Park Brewing 

Every beer brewed by Stanley Park Brewing is inspired by the park, whether it be from windstorms to day trips to sunsets. It is designed to be a break from the every day, an experience to be explored and savoured.

Address: 8901 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-681-0460


Steamworks Brewing

According to their website, Steamworks Brewing was the first to use traditional steam-powered brewing methods in Canada. They have 20 rotating taps all year long also featuring seasonal flavours. Their brewery is located in Burnaby, but their Brewpub with amazing food is in Vancouver.

Address: 375 Water Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-689-2739


Storm Brewing Company


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Storm Brewing is Vancouver’s longest-running craft brewery, and its founder, Brewer James Walton, is regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Not to mention, their highly regarded beer is unfiltered and produced without the use of chemical treatments.

Address: 310 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-255-9119

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Strange Fellows Brewing Company

This brewery explores the strange and the extraordinary and is known for its sour and barrel-aged beers. They also brew a broad range of other styles and offer live music once in a while at their tasting area.

Address: 345 Clark Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-215-0092


Strathcona Beer Company

Strathcona produces a modern style of traditional beer and is a newer brewery in Vancouver. They also serve delicious Neapolitan-style pizza alongside their beer, that’s made fresh in-house.

Address: 895 East Hastings, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-9050


Superflux Beer Company

Superflux loves to keep it fresh with a constantly rotating menu that’s changed every few days. They ship their beers all over BC and have a flat $5 shipping rate.

Address: 505 Clark Drive, Vancouver


Yaletown Brewing Company

The Yaletown Brewing Company was founded in 1994, and it was built with the vision of being a true neighbourhood pub. Their website says they are a welcoming gathering place whether you arrive dressed in a suit or in flip-flops.

Address: 1111 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-681-2739

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