"Entitlement at its finest": Residents react to bad Benz parking job in Metro Vancouver

May 15 2023, 6:09 pm

In another case of egregious parking jobs in Metro Vancouver, someone decided to park their Mercedes Benz on the sidewalk, and people were not having it.

A photo emerged in a Facebook group dedicated to bad drivers in and around Richmond, and this one, in particular, received many comments and angry reactions.

The person who posted the photo of the bad Benz parking job wrote, “This person drives a Benz, so I guess that gives them reason to block the sidewalk!

Adding, “Or this person thought if they parked beside the grass on the road, someone might side-swipe the Benz.

benz parking


While the driver may not have wholly blocked the sidewalk, it was still blocked enough to give people plenty of reasons to comment angrily.

With any luck birds will s**t all over it,” one person wrote in the comments.

Others suggested that the person who posted the photo call a local bylaw enforcer.

By the time I called by-laws, the car would be gone,” they wrote in response.

“It ain’t easy being Recession Rich y’all,” said another Facebook comment.

Someone else reacted by telling a story about how they dealt with a similar situation with an SUV parked on a sidewalk.

Only till I explained what would happen if someone disabled, using a cane, elderly who has trouble walking, stroller or perhaps a mobility scooter or wheelchair… how did think they can get around them… ONLY THEN did they understand and apologized profusely and moved up the 10 feet!

They weren’t done.


Someone else also mentioned the wheelchair concern, saying, “If I used a wheelchair, I would be sure to accidentally scrape the hell out of it.”

The gist of the reactions was perfectly encapsulated by this comment, “Entitlement at its finest.”

Do you think this parking job was as bad as people made it out to be? Let us know in the comments.


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