BC Storm: Reaction to the "bomb cyclone" hitting the province (PHOTOS)

Oct 25 2021, 5:54 pm

A wild year for weather in BC continues to get weirder, as the “weather bomb” forecast by meteorologists last week is hitting parts of the province hard today, and there has been quite a storm on social media too.

Thousands of BC Hydro customers are without power and winds are expected to reach extreme speeds throughout the day.

#BCStorm is trending on social media, and some of the reactions and photos are startling, to say the least.

Words like historic and unprecedented have been used to describe the storm.

Referred to as a “weather bomb” and a “bomb cyclone,” the impact has been devastating in parts of the province.

While the impacts on Vancouver have been fairly limited compared to places along the west coast of Vancouver Island, like Tofino, the worst could be yet to come.

The wind got so strong in parts of BC that seismographs picked up the impact on the ground shaking.

Wind warnings are still in effect for much of the province, but the forecast for the rest of the week actually looks pretty good, with a lot of sunshine expected.

bc storm

The Weather Network

While wind speeds are anticipated to diminish throughout the day, gusts will remain steady at around 45 km/h, according to The Weather Network’s hourly forecast.

The Weather Network also warns that while the storm system is weakening, power grids may still be impacted by the intense winds.

BC Hydro has prepared a handy guide on what you need for a power outage kit, although they left out red ruby slippers.

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