Day pass reservation system launches at five popular BC provincial parks

Jun 22 2021, 4:28 pm

British Columbia’s day pass reservation system has officially launched at five popular provincial parks.

The passes are free of charge and, according to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, are meant to “address the surge in visitors.”

“The pilot program, as part of a comprehensive strategy, protects nature and improves managed access to parks and trails,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in a release.

“These changes will improve visitor planning and experience while keeping our parks spectacular for years to come.”

While the parks have wide-open spaces, trails can become especially crowded in some areas like viewpoints. The overuse of trails can also have environmental impacts like trail widening, soil erosion, altered hydrology, and damaged vegetation.

The passes will be launched for the following five parks and will be required to access select areas of the trail.

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Five BC parks will require a day pass to visit starting June 22 (BC Gov).

BC parks implemented a number of changes for this year’s program. Day passes will no longer be required for Mt. Seymour Park and Cypress Park on the North Shore.

Additionally, the booking time has been changed to 7 am the day prior to help with planning. The number of passes available each day will also be adjusted to accommodate as many visitors as possible.

Youth will not require a booking pass if they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian who has one. Passes also won’t be required for evening visits.

Keep in mind, anyone who wishes to reserve a day pass will need to set up an account on Discover Camping. Each visitor will need their own pass, but the same person can book multiple passes.

Passes cannot be transferred to another date, time, or location.

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