"I'm not a fan": BC Premier gets the Eby-jeebies around cockroach (VIDEO)

Apr 26 2023, 4:00 pm

During a funding announcement for Science World, BC Premier David Eby got a not-so-fun visit from a cockroach.

At one point during his visit, Eby found himself in the insect biodiversity area of Science World, much to his dismay.

A bug handler attempted to get the premier to hold a cockroach or at least let it crawl on him, and Eby acted as though the cockroach was a member of the BC United Party; he wanted no part of it.

At one point during the interaction with the creepy critter, we hear Eby’s son saying, “Give it to my dad!”

Eby clearly wasn’t thrilled about it, saying, “I’m not a fan of this.”

“No, he doesn’t like me,” Eby continued, resisting the bug handler’s invitations.

“I don’t like him either,” Eby said.

To the BC premier’s credit, he eventually let the cockroach crawl around on his hand momentarily, something many of us would probably not be brave enough to do.

Eby announced on Tuesday that Science World would receive $20 million in funding from the government towards upgrading the iconic geodesic dome that bookends the easternmost end of False Creek.

“Unfortunately, right now, Science World is facing some challenges. The dome above us is the only part of the building that hasn’t been updated since Expo ’86, and it shows,” said Eby during Tuesday morning’s press conference.


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