"My baby is missing": A boa constrictor is on the loose in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Apr 24 2023, 4:59 pm


The snake has been found.

Crowther informed Daily Hive that the boa may not have snuck out of the apartment and might have actually been hiding in her home the entire time.

Original story:

If you’re a Vancouver resident who lives in Kits, be on the lookout: a boa constrictor is on the loose.

“My baby is missing,” wrote Phoenix Crowther in a Facebook post.

Crowther is hoping the public can help her find her missing snake.

Yesterday, Crowther posted the story of her missing boa constrictor to a Facebook group for missing and found pets in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver.

Crowther’s boa apparently escaped from a third-floor apartment at 4th and MacDonald Street.

“I’m not sure what time but she was in her enclosure around 6 am today and around 3 pm I saw she was gone.”

Crowther added that her bathroom window was slightly open and assumed the snake crawled down the fire escape looking for food.

We connected with Crowther, who informed us that her boa’s name is Snek and that it likely doesn’t pose much of a danger to the public.

boa vancouver loose

Courtesy of Phoenix Crowther

Danger is very low, she’s most likely to just hide. She’s non-aggressive, she would only strike if she felt threatened. And she would hiss before that happened.”

Crowther has had Snek since last September but has known the boa since 2019.

Courtesy of Phoenix Crowther

Boas eat rodents, and Crowther says Snek eats one large rat every four weeks. So Vancouver could definitely use Snek’s services in a certain rat-filled alley.

Crowther has reported the missing snake to the SPCA and the City of Vancouver.

If you spot the missing snake, call the city at 311, where Crowther has a case open, or visit the Facebook group for contact information.

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