BC minimum wage jumps by $1.30 this Friday

May 30 2018, 8:50 am

In what will be the single largest minimum wage increase in recent memory in BC, the provincially-mandated minimum wage will increase by $1.30 from $11.35 per hour to $12.65 per hour this Friday, June 1.

The hike was first announced earlier this year as part of the BC NDP’s four-year plan of incrementally increasing the minimum wage each year on June 1 until it reaches at least $15.00 per hour.

This year’s increase is also the largest of the planned hikes, with the minimum wage set to increase to $13.85 per hour (+$1.20) in 2019, $14.60 per hour (+$0.75) in 2020, and $15.20 per hour (+$0.60) in 2021.

The schedule and rates are based on the findings and recommendations of BC’s Fair Wages Commission.

Further increases of up to $0.20 could be made for the minimum wage in 2021, with the wage potentially set at $15.40 per hour instead of $15.20 per hour. But this is dependent on economic conditions.

The last minimum wage increase in BC occurred in September 2017 when a planned increase of $0.50 from the previous BC Liberal government went into effect.

Minimum wages for specific groups, such as bar servers, piece-rate farm workers, resident caretakers, and live-in camp leaders, will also see separate increases.

According to a recent report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the current ‘living wage’ in Metro Vancouver is $20.91, which is the minimum required by two working parents to support two young children and their basic needs.

Here are the minimum wage rates in Canada’s provinces and territories as of April 1, 2018:

Canada Minimum Wages

Minimum wages in Canadian provinces and territories as of April 1, 2018. (Retail Council of Canada)

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